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The #1 Marketing System For Real Estate Agents

We’ve written books for real estate agents to license and use as a marketing tool. Establish yourself as an authority by having books with your photo on the cover and get more listings.

Formally known as Book Leads, your MyBooks membership also includes customized websites and social media marketing tools, we’ve made content licensing easy for real estate agents. Your membership includes:

  • License to use 14 real estate books as your own.
  • Author website that ranks in Google.
  • Your own blog with 100+ pre-written articles.
  • Social media marketing templates.
  • Home value website for capturing leads.
  • Training strategies on how to use your books to get business.
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Listing Presentation and Sales Training

The complete “Instant Real Estate Listing Presentation” system and training.

  • Step-by-step training on How To Present The Listing Presentation so you get realistically priced listings without looking like the bad guy.
  • Training on How To Customize The Listing Presentation To You And Your Market.
  • A 163 Page Jam Packed Book With Over a 100 Long-Lost Sales Strategies to help you close more sales and make more money.

Price: $497

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The 5 Step Plan That Makes It Easy To List For Sale By Owners:

  • How to prove that you can sell a home for more money than the owner can sell alone.
  • A simple method that easily over come the objections that FSBOs use to justify not selling their home with an agent.
  • How to get FSBOs to refer you to their friends and family.

Price: $19

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Discover How To Build A Business That Runs Without You

Imagine You Had A Business Like This:

  • You didn’t have to set up the appointments.
  • You didn’t have to mail out anything or email your list.
  • All the grunt work is handled perfectly.

Price: $19

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The Ultimate Guide To Dominate Expireds

Tired Of Wishing You Could List Expireds? We’ll Show You The Easiest Way To List A Whole Bunch Of Them.

  • The #1 thing you must have if you want to have success with expireds.
  • The overlooked expired leads that you can list with no competition.
  • The fastest way to get more listings (use this strategy to get a listing by tomorrow.)
  • How to be a godsend to the expireds you meet. (Do this and you’ll get lots of listings.)

Price: $19

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Mobile Real Estate Marketer

Multiply the number of leads you generate by giving prospects more ways to get information on your listings and respond to your marketing campaigns.

  • Unlimited Text Message Info Replies
  • Unlimited Pre-Recorded Audio Messages Features
  • Unlimited Text Messages & Unlimited Phone Calls/Minutes
  • Unlimited Text Message And Audio Codes
  • Unlimited Mobile Website Pages
  • Detailed Statistics

Price Monthly:


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Listing Funnels

Gain listings from direct mail funnels. Expired Listings, FSBO’s, Vacant Homes, Luxury Homes, and Inherited Properties are just a few of our available funnels.

  • Direct mail funnels for 8 different niches.
  • Multiple letters and schedules for each funnel.
  • Monthly training on what’s working best in each funnel.
  • Listing Funnels Mastermind group to share what works and improve one anther.

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Agent ROI Labs

Focused solely on getting listings from online avenues.

  • Facebook lead generation.
  • YouTube ads for seller leads.
  • A new training system each month.
  • Follow-up tools and retargeting tools.
  • Even more marketing software.

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