Member Training Guide Baby Step 8 – Order More Books

Member Training Guide Baby Step 8 – Order More Books 2018-04-14T02:37:15+00:00

We’ve seen that once an agent gets a listing from the books, they immediately order more.

Some agents order 50 books. Others order 100 books.

Remember, you get a bulk discount when you place a larger book order. The more books you order, the lower the price.

One agent immediately ordered 1,000 books to take advantage of the volume discount. He said he’ll make $11,000 on the listing he got from the books. So, it’s worth investing $3,500 to get a whole bunch more listings.

If you’re ready to order more books, then go here to place your book order. (Notice the volume discount there?)

If you’ve had success using our books, then you may be eligible to receive 20 free books. Contact our support department for more information.

What’s next?

We’re going to move onto Level 2 and show you how to Double Your Existing Business.

First, I recommend you focus on growing your Existing Business – BEFORE you try to grow your business off of cold leads. Here’s why.

You’ll always get better results in an area you are strong – instead of an area you are weak. Here’s an example.

If you just sold a home in a specific neighborhood, then it’s much easier to get listings in that neighborhood. You can tell sellers about the house you just sold.

But, if you go into a new neighborhood, then you don’t have that advantage. As a result, it will be harder to get listings. The next step is coming soon. Check back here for more info.

Need Extra Help? Try one of these options:

Watch the New Member Webinar.

Contact our Support Department.

If you have a question for Ben Curry or one of the other trainers, then send it to our Support Department. They will pass it on to the correct person.

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