Member Training Guide Baby Step 4 – Prepare Your Leads For Your First Listing

Member Training Guide Baby Step 4 – Prepare Your Leads For Your First Listing 2018-04-14T01:44:49+00:00

The best leads to start with are old expireds.

Here’s why I recommend you start with them:

  • They are very easy to find. At least compared to other lead sources.
  • You have little to no competition with them.
  • They are more willing to pay a real estate commission than other leads.
  • They are more appreciative of agents — compared to FSBOs.
  • They tend to be more motivated than other lead sources.
  • There are a lot of them available in just about every market.

For these reasons, I call them “Gold Mine Leads.” Other examples of what I would call gold mine leads are inherited homes, foreclosure auctions, abandoned homes, and vacant lots.

But those leads are more difficult to find than old expireds. So, let’s start with the old Expireds. Make sense?

Here’s how to find the Old Expired Leads in your market.

Here’s how to look up the Old Expired Leads (6:01)


The Steps to find Old Expired Leads.

A. Pull the leads from your MLS. Log into your MLS and research the leads that are 1-3 months old. Or, you can go 3-6 months old, 6-12 months old, 1-3 years old, etc. (1-3 year old leads are great. See why below.)

B. Make sure the lead has not been relisted. You can do that manually by checking their address in the MLS.

C. Research the lead’s contact info. You can get the lead’s mailing address from your local Property Appraiser or Tax Assessor’s Website.

You can often get their phone number from Or, a better spot to look is Intelius. Intelius costs $20 a month and will get you cell phone numbers.

If you’d like to automate Steps B & C, then download a bunch of leads from the MLS and upload them into the Redx’s Expired Lead System. Their system will do Steps B & C automatically.

If you need help doing that, then contact the Redx’s Support System for assistance. They have live support reps that can walk you through the process.

Here’s why 1-3 Year Old Expireds are still great leads.

Yes, I know a 3-year-old Expired sounds “old.” But, an agent I know just listed a $375,000 house because he went back three years.

He sold a house in a neighborhood and then he said, “You know what? I want to get more listings in this neighborhood.”

He dug through the MLS, found a 3-year-old expired, contacted the owner and listed the house. Once it was on the market, it sold very quickly. He made a nice commission.

Other Lead Options.

If you don’t want to work old expireds, then I recommend looking for vacant homes. They’re really easy to find.

If you have an area you want to target, just get in your car and drive around.

I was recently driving around San Marco, right in Jacksonville. The average house in San Marco sells for about $400,000 to $500,000.

Within 10 minutes of driving around, I saw three vacant homes.

How to find Vacant Home Leads.

Here’s how to look up Vacant Home Leads (10:44)


A Third Lead Option: FSBOs.

You can send your books to for sale by owners, then follow up.

We have a complete plan for working for sale by owner leads.

But just a fair warning, these leads may be a bit harder to sell because a lot of agents go after them.

They may also take a little bit longer to come around.

Here’s how to look up FSBOs (2:23)


Why I don’t recommend working New Expireds.

I don’t recommend sending your books to new expireds, and I don’t recommend working new expireds. Let me explain why.

Reason #1: There is way too much competition. Some expireds are getting bombarded with a hundred or two hundred phone calls when their listing expires. They’re getting 30 to 50 letters.

Sometimes they’re even getting books from other agents.

If you inject yourself into the fray and try to get some of these listings, you’re going to be fighting an uphill battle.

You’re better off working Old Expireds that are 1-3 months old.

Now, I will admit that there are some tremendously successful agents who do list expireds using the most common Expired Script.

Almost everyone uses this script:

“When do you plan on interviewing the right agent to sell your home?”

If you’re a rockstar and believe you’re above and beyond the average agent, then you can try working the new expireds. If that’s you, more power to you, but I don’t recommend it.

If you do choose to work the new expireds, don’t be too surprised for not being able to find success with the books.

What’s next?

Now that you’ve pulled your leads, you need to send them your books. The next blog post shows you how to do that. Please go there now to get started.

Need Extra Help? Try one of these options:

Watch the New Member Webinar.

Contact our Support Department.

If you have a question for Ben Curry or one of the other trainers, then send it to our Support Department. They will pass it on to the correct person.

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