Member Training Guide Baby Step 1 – Order Your Books

Member Training Guide Baby Step 1 – Order Your Books 2018-04-12T23:03:49+00:00

How The Process Works To Order Your Books.

First, let me explain the book ordering process. I broke it down into 3 short steps so it would be easy to understand. Here are the 3 steps you will go thru to order books and get them in your hands.

Step 1: Purchase Books. This is where you actually purchase books. Some people will skip this process, because they’ve already bought books.

Step 2: Pick out the books you want to receive. This is where you go through our Book Setup Manager, view the different books options, view the different covers, and pick out the books you want to receive.

Step 3: Review your book proofs. We email you the book proofs in a PDF. You can view the proofs on your computer and make sure everything is correct before the books are printed.

Now that I’ve explained the 3 steps, let’s start with Step #1.

Step 1: Purchase Books

If you have purchased books, then skip this step. (Click on the Next Button at the bottom of the page.) If you haven’t purchased books yet, then go here to purchase books.

Once you’ve ordered your books, then you’ll pick them out using the Book Setup Manager. (You will need to sign in before ordering.) To see how to do that, continue on to picking out your books.

Remember, you get a bulk discount when you place a larger book order. The more books you order, the lower the price.

One agent immediately ordered 1,000 books to take advantage of the volume discount. He said he’ll make $11,000 on the listing he got from the books. So, it’s worth investing $3,500 to get a whole bunch more listings.

What’s next?

If you haven’t ordered books, then order books. If you’ve ordered books, then pick out the books you want to order. Click on the blog post below to get started.

Need Extra Help? Try one of these options:

Watch the New Member Webinar.
Contact our Support Department.

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