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You can list 29% of the FSBOs in your marketplace. Here’s how you can do it:

  • Build a relationship with the FSBOs after they put their home on the market.
  • Genuinely try to help them (without showing them all your secrets).
  • Here’s why you will get their listing (most of the time): 99% of Realtors who contact a FSBO do not try to build a relationship and never offer any help – you’ll stand out from the crowd.

Here’s an overview of everything I’m going to reveal to you:

  • How I discovered this new FSBO Listing Strategy.
  • The psychology that explains why this new FSBO Listing Strategy is so effective.
  • The Step-by-Step Plan to implement this strategy and list a bunch of FSBOs in your marketplace.
  • How to prove to the FSBOs that you can get them more money for their home.
  • How to list the “on the fence” FSBOs who are close to listing with an agent, but are hesitant to do so. (What I’m going to show you is almost like having a secret “Cheat Code” that your competition doesn’t know about.)

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Here’s why this works.

  • Most agents are rude to FSBOs. No-one likes to work with someone who is rude. So, when you approach the FSBO the way that most agents do, you will destroy any chance you have of listing that FSBO.
  • By showing a genuine interest in helping them, even when you have nothing on the line yet, you make yourself standout in the best way. You will leave a lasting impression and get the listing.
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I’ve gotten a lot of flack and people sending me emails and saying I don’t know what I’m doing. But the thing is, the research is out there. I had an assistant go spend hours digging through data, looking through and Zillow. What was found shows that 58% of all FSBOs list their house with a full service realtor. Not a flat fee realtor, but a full service realtor. This was just a year ago in Jacksonville, Florida.

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Step #1. Pull the FSBO Leads and send them a copy of your book. We show you all the places to find FSBO Leads. You want to make sure you get their name, mailing address, and their phone number.

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First of all, you need to find FSBOs. There are two options you can use to find FSBOs.

Paid lead sites such as or can provide you with FSBO listings for a price.

You can find Free FSBO Leads on sites like: Zillow and Craigslist. You can also find them while driving around. Simply take down the address and number to follow up on later.

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Salespeople call and get to their pitch quickly: Are you ready to list with me? Are you ready to hire an agent? Are you ready to turn this over to a professional?

That isn’t going to get you the deal.

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Here’s why they’ll eventually list with you.

A homeowner starts out and they don’t like realtors. So, they decide to put their home on the market themselves, figuring it’s easy to sell a house and they will save a ton of money on Realtor fees. They list their home on Zillow, take some pictures, maybe have a couple showings. Realtors with buyers aren’t showing the home because there is no commission. Instead of saving money on fees, they likely are now staying in their home longer than they had wanted.

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The biggest and scariest part of this is getting out there and doing something. When you are a new agent and you’re sending the books out and then you have to call these people, it can be terrifying.

But fear can’t stop you from taking that step and being successful.

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Question: Do you have to Redx to find the leads?

Answer: No. But, it’s way easier and more efficient. I’d use the Redx if I’m researching more than 50 leads. Otherwise, you can do it manually.

Question: I’m struggling with the FSBOs. When I call them over and over again, when they have told me they are not interested – then what is my rationale for calling them again and again?

Answer: When you call, you need to have a different reason for calling each time. You aren’t calling to ask if they are ready to list with you yet. You are calling to help. That’s why you reference the homes periodically, to find things you can help them with- pictures, lender referrals, some simple pointers, questions about the home, etc.

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We see agents make several mistakes with FSBOs. See below.

Mistake 1: Telling the FSBO they are stupid not to hire an agent. No one likes to be told they are stupid. In most cases, you will only offend them – and destroy your chances of getting the listing.

Mistake 2: Not showing the FSBO how you can get them more money. This is crucial to getting the listing.

Mistake 3: Not following up. FSBOs take time to convert. You have to keep following up until they list with you.

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Now it’s time to get started. A couple of quick and easy steps will get you on your way:

1) Print out 10 FSBOs from Zillow.

2) Send them your book- mail it, drop it off, etc.

3) Keep those 10 printouts in a folder and carry it with you. That way, when you are at home watching TV, or have some free time, you can take a look through them and think about what you could offer to help them out.

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