Move on Up with Move-Up Buyers and Sellers

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Two-For-One Opportunity

According to the National Association of Realtors® Profile of Home Buyers and Sellers 2017, 52% of sellers traded up and purchased a home that was larger in size than what they previously owned.

In fact, these sellers present more than one opportunity because oftentimes, you’re lucky enough to serve as both their listing and buyer’s agent.

Who wouldn’t want to earn twice the commission?

Move-Up Sellers are sellers who are ready and willing to sell their current home and buy another one as soon as possible. These leads will likely be listing and buying at the same time.

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How To Find Move-Up Sellers

I used a data collection site called Melissa Data to collect leads in this niche.

To the right of the page, click the link that says “Create an account now.” Create a free account, and verify your account with the confirmation email they send you.

Once you’re registered, you can sign in and begin putting together your list.

Under the “Products” tab, select the option that says “Sales Leads & Mailing Lists.”

On the next page, select the option for “Property Owners.”

Then, click the link that says “Build List Now.”

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Your Selling Points

To land these leads, you need to convince them that they should consider upsizing their homes. You should show them all the benefits of having a bigger home and also show them that the financial leap may not be as drastic as they anticipate/out of their reach.

Why Bigger is Better

Chances are, when you reach out to these leads, they’ve already considered, possibly on more than one occasion, the thought of moving to a bigger home. And, if they haven’t, you can show them why they should.

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Be Their Buyer’s Agent

Buyers usually are ready and able to buy immediately so that means less engagement time for you and a client who is ready to pull the trigger.

Move-up buyers need to do things in a certain order to limit liability and maximize profit, and in this market it’s critical that they have an expert on their side who is looking out for their best interest.

Working as a buyer’s agent is quite rewarding and one of the quickest ways to earn a commission.

Get Creative

There is no one way to close a deal. And sometimes, you need to think out-of-the-box.

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Bag the Leads

If you’re unsure how to approach these leads, the best technique we know is warm calling.

What is warm calling?

It involves giving potential leads something of value ahead of time — like a book — that solidifies you in their minds before you ever call them.

Once you’ve your leads, organize them into a spreadsheet. Work your way down the list and send out letters to each one.

It’s all about doing the extra work and getting the leads.

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Get Started

We’ve discussed two great opportunities in this training guide both from one untapped niche. Very few agents are seeing the double opportunity these leads present, and you have an excellent opportunity to list them or help them find their next perfect bigger homes.
Our members who pursue these leads have the added benefit of immediately appearing as experts with our MyBooks program.

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