Member Guide: Open Houses – Chapter 1

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Debbie struggled with open houses for years.

But now, she sells 15-20 homes a year and gets most of her business from open houses.

When she first started out in real estate, there weren’t as many outlets to promote open houses, and hardly anyone showed up.

“There weren’t as many public places for people to look at homes as there are now, whereas lately, because they can go anywhere on the internet and find pictures … we are generating far more traffic.”

Now, she advertises open houses on Facebook and places 8-10 signs directing people to her listings. She holds open houses almost every weekend from 1-4 PM either Saturday or Sunday, which gives people a longer window of time to attend.

Debbie also offers one of her books to every person who comes through the door. She asks people if they’re looking to buy or sell and gives them the correct book based on their response. 

“It all comes down to people knowing that, number one, you are listening to them at open houses. It’s more than just walking them through this house. I begin asking many, many questions about what they’re looking for, what are they needing and, in that process, then I’m handing them the books, whatever book fits. It has been very effective.”

She recently landed a $320K listing from an open house. 

As Debbie’s success has shown, open houses can offer a big marketing opportunity.

Not only do you market your listing, you also market yourself as an agent.

Meeting other agents, neighbors or anyone interested in buying and selling is worth the effort alone. In a 2016 survey by, 60.7 percent of agents sold a home as a result of a connection from an open house.

You can get referrals from an open house.

A little over half of sellers list with the first agent they meet. Buyers and sellers coming to an open house without an agent are leads in the palm of your hand.

To get these leads through the door, you need to make the open house a big event.

Because of the rise in virtual tours, Facebook live tours and even 3D tours, it may seem harder to pull attention for an open house. That’s why you need to make it stand out from anything sellers can see online.

There are a lot ways online to promote your house and get people into the event. Live streaming is huge in real estate right now.

Plus, people want to touch, smell and feel the house — pictures, and even video can be deceiving. 

This is the perfect place to hand out your books.

Someone going to an open house isn’t going to turn down a free book — especially if they know it can help them buy or sell a house.

Most of these leads won’t end up interested in this exact home you’re showing, but now, they have a valuable tool directly from you.

When they need to sell or even find a home they like, you’re going to be the expert they think of. They have a book with your face on it.

Warm leads at an open house are better than cold leads from the internet.

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