How To List 4 Homes In The Next 30 Days – Chapter 3

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Complete the following steps to get your leads

Everything you need to get started is in your MLS…

A. Pull the leads from your MLS.

Once you’re logged into your MLS, begin the process by researching expired listings, 1-3 months old. Then, you can go 3-6 months old, 6-12 months old, 1-3 years old, etc. (1-3 year old leads are great. See why below.)

Helpful hint: When you are just beginning, it’s probably best to concentrate on one area at a time.

Below is a screenshot from a video that shows you how to use your MLS to research Old Expired leads.

B. Make sure the lead has not been relisted.

You can do that manually by checking their address in the MLS.

C. Research the lead’s contact info.

You can find your leads’ mailing address on your local Property Appraiser or Tax Assessor’s Website.

I’ll tell you the best ways to track down their phone numbers in the FAQ section below.

If you’d like to automate Steps B & C, download your leads from the MLS, then upload them into the Redx Expired Lead System.

Once your leads are uploaded, the RedX system will automatically check the listing status as well as provide you with an address and contact info.

*Contact Redx Support if you need further assistance. They have friendly reps that can walk you through the entire process and/or help with any RedX system inquiries.

Don’t overlook the 1-3 Year Old Expireds! Here’s why…

Yes, I’m aware that a 3-year-old expired sounds…well, old. But I know an agent who just listed a $375,000 house because he went back that far.

Finishing up a sale in a particular neighborhood, this agent decided he’d like to find more listings in that area. He dug through the MLS and found a listing that had expired three years earlier.

He figured he had nothing to lose, so he contacted the owner…and he was able to re-list the home! Once it was on the market, the house sold very quickly and the agent walked away with a nice commission.

So when you begin searching for leads, don’t ignore those that have been expired for a significant amount of time. Sometimes, those sellers are ready to take advantage of a new market and fresh opportunities.

Frequently Asked Questions about getting leads:

Finding the contact information for your leads can be time consuming and discouraging…

And in this day and age, access to cellphone numbers is often a necessary challenge that can make the process even more complicated.

How do I get cellphone numbers for my leads?

Here are a few helpful resources that should make your search efforts less frustrating and more fruitful:  

    • This is free service that can help you find contact/phone information.
  • Intelius
    • This service does have a monthly fee of $20, but it’s great for sourcing cellphone numbers.
  • REDX  

Though it does cost $60-70 a month, Redx is a terrific asset for agents seeking contact information and more. This service can research hundreds of leads for you and will provide landline (when present), as well as cellphone numbers.

What if our MLS doesn’t support IDX?

You don’t have to have IDX in order to access the information…

In most MLS databases, you can conduct your old expired listing search, then export those results as a CSV. (comma separated value).

You would then send that data to REDX, and they’ll look it up for you. (Another good reason to invest in the REDX service).

Can you send me the link for how to get the leads?

Here’s our blog post that has complete “A to Z” Instructions on how to get leads:

It’s absolutely worth the time it takes to establish these leads, so be patient and deliberate, and soon, you’ll have your list of 40. Then, it’s on to the next step…

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