How To Find And Win Inherited Home Listings Guide – Chapter 7

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Answer: It should show on the appraiser’s website whether it’s a life estate or not. You can always cross reference with obituaries if you’re unsure. Basically, a life estate means the owner is still alive but wants to prepare and have the house go to a particular person when they pass. So, the owner is still living and in the home.

Answer: Absolutely. Losing a spouse is very difficult, and that is also still their home. You would not want to call after a spouse has died offering to help sell their home. Some people may want to move in time — maybe the place is too big for just them or they want to be closer to family. However, you don’t want to be the one calling about selling.

Answer: You can, but I would not suggest it. You want to make sure the book gets to the executor of the estate. Since this is not likely the home they live in, they won’t see the book. You want to send it directly to them at their address.

Answer: No, but it is very simple. You see Craigslist ads all of the time. Just post the details of what you’re looking for. Something along the lines of “In need of a virtual assistant to help with locating leads for real estate agent.” Include the pay and estimated hours to help save time having to go through applicants who want too much or are expecting too few or too many hours.

Answer: If you can’t find it yourself, call the courthouse or go in. They are there to help people and will know the system. They will be able to guide you in the right direction and teach you how to find what you need.

Answer: Usually, once you have shown up and have helped them prepare to sell, the ones who do want to sell can convince those that do not. Also, you shouldn’t put too much of your free time into the home unless you know everyone wants to sell.

Answer: First off, you can check who pays the taxes and go from there. Then, you can check the public records for that person and see what you can find.

Answer: I would send the Business Card Book. It will work just as well as the Inherited Book.

Answer: You will first want to do your research on the subject of inherited homes in your area. Become an expert on the topic. Then, you’ll want to read through the whole book and know it really well. You simply say, I am new to Real Estate and I wanted to have a niche, and I decided to focus on inherited homes. I took my time researching and learning all I could about the subject and put everything I learned into this book.

Answer: You will have to purchase book credits. Then, you have to pick out the books you want to receive. We have a blog post that walks you through the entire process from beginning to end. Check it out here.

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