How To Find And Win Inherited Home Listings Guide – Chapter 5

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Once you have your leads entered in your database, it’s time to send them your book. You can find the cover letter here. Put that inside your book, and you can mail it out to your leads.

For this niche, you’ll want to use one of the Inherited Books and cover letter.

After that, you’ll follow up with this script. Your follow-up call should happen about a week after you mail out the book. Just check in and see if they’re interested in selling the house. They may recognize you from the book, which makes these calls much easier. 

The script goes something like this:

Step 1: Make sure you are talking to the owner.

Call and ask for the owner by their first name only:
“Hi, is this ______?”

Step 2: Introduce yourself.

“My name is ____. I’m a Realtor here in City Name. I noticed that you have been appointed as the Executor of the estate of _______. Is that correct?” [Wait for them to reply.]

Step 3: Offer them a free Market Analysis.

“I also see that the estate has a property at _______? Would you like me to do a Market Analysis and tell you exactly what that property is
worth?” [Wait for them to reply.]

Step 4: Ask if they need any help with anything.

“Do you need any help with handymen, maintenance for the house, or anything like that?” [Wait for them to reply.]

Step 5: Ask if you can meet them at the property.

“Would it be helpful if I met you at the property to help you determine what it is worth and help you with anything?” [Wait for them to reply.]

The key to this entire script is to get them to talk and see how you can help them. If they start talking, then let them talk. Sometimes you’ll hear their whole life story. But, it will also get you some listings.

It won’t work if you don’t dig far enough.

If you get discouraged, send us an email. Joe and I are here to help you out. Email us with your goals, and we’ll keep you accountable. If you do that, your drive to accomplish your goal will be higher.

If you need more direction, go to, click on Training Guides and check out the Member Training Guide. Baby step #6 covers what to do with your book packages in more detail.

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