How To Find And Win Inherited Home Listings Guide – Chapter 3

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There are a couple easy ways to find inherited leads. You can buy them from sites online, or you can go local.

When buying leads, remember that not all leads are created equal. Make sure what you’re buying is from a reputable site with quality leads.

Searching local may require some more work on your part, but you’ll find better results.

Here’s some more details on how to go about finding these homes.

County Property Records

Go to your local property appraiser website. Enter the zip code for the area you want to search in and search for the word “estate.” Keep an eye out; some of the properties listed will be life estates. You do not want to contact people with a life estate. Basically, a life estate says you own the house while you are alive, and when you pass away, it gets passed on to whoever else’s name is on the estate.

You want to find the regular estates.

Once you have done the search, you can download your list to Excel. Then, you’ll be able to organize the list and delete whatever doesn’t fit into your parameters.

Next, you have to find the heir. You can check who paid the property taxes, but sometimes, you have to dig deeper. Check court records to see if it shows someone else owns the house.

Once you find who owns the house, you have your contact.

You may also want to cross reference your information. You can check obituaries from the past 6 months or so to make sure you have correct information on the estate.

Another way to find leads is through It will show you all of the estate sales in the area. You can put addresses into the property appraiser’s website and see if they might be good leads or not.

You can find out who the heirs are, and get their contact information from there.

Be sure to check if the house is already listed. Sometimes, by the time a home has gotten to, it is already on the market.

Estate sales are a good sign that the people are ready to take care of business and prepared to list the home. Emotions have cooled down by then.

What to do once you have your leads

Once you’ve found the leads — and added them to your database — you’ll send them your book with your cover letter. You can find your follow-up scripts online too.

Next, you want to show them how you can help. When you follow up on your book, offer a little assistance. Maybe you know an estate sale company or someone who can help fix a few things on the house before an appraisal. Show them you can solve their problems and make the process easier for them.

Oftentimes, the executor of the estate will live out of town. They don’t have time to come down and check on the house and get everything set up for selling. Reduce their workload by checking on the house every couple of weeks for them.

A little can go a long way. You don’t have to do anything drastic and you shouldn’t. Simply give a helping hand and see where it can get you.

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