How To Find And Win Inherited Home Listings Guide – Chapter 1

How To Find And Win Inherited Home Listings Guide – Chapter 1 2018-01-09T14:20:31+00:00

Reason #1: There are a lot of Inherited Leads.

Here in Jacksonville, Fla., there are over 4,000 inherited homes. I’ve seen about 2,000 of those in court records. That is a huge number of motivated sellers to choose from.

The ones who have inherited the property are often eager to sell. They do not want to continue to pay property taxes on a home they don’t live in. So, when you come around offering to help, the odds are good they’ll be open to listing with you.

Reason #2: 67% of inherited homes have the mortgage paid off

Many of these homes have the mortgage paid off. That means more money for the heirs when the home is sold. They have no lender to pay off, so it’s pure profit for them.

Money is a major motivator for most people. Who couldn’t use a few extra dollars?

My first inherited listing was 12 or 13 years ago. I was working vacant home leads. While going through my leads, I found a lead where the owner was an estate.

It took me some time, but I was able to find the owner. It had been his mother’s house, and he lived about five miles down the road. I approached him, listed the home and sold it within 4 months.

It didn’t take me giving a big presentation or putting on a show for him. I just contacted him, offered to help sell the home and he said yes.

Joe had a similar experience with his first listing. He had just started dealing with inherited homes when he got a call on a book he had sent out. She wanted help selling the home, and the family was motivated.

They were paying $10,000 a year in property taxes!

No big sales pitch was needed. He got the listing simply because he put in the time to find the lead and mail his book.

We aren’t the only ones who have seen this success.

JC recently listed 3 inherited homes using the books. Below is an interview we did with her. In the interview, she explains how she got those listings.

Below is an excerpt from our interview with JC:

This week’s interview was with JC, a long-time member who is getting inherited leads to reach out to her.

In the interview we went over:

  • She listed 3 inherited homes after her inherited books branded her as the expert in that niche.
  • Two of those leads found her free book offer on her website.
  • The books have been a part of 15 of her listings – even without her marketing them at full strength.
  • She sends them in direct mail to expireds and then follows up with those expireds a few days later. This results in her winning their listing.


Full Interview:

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