In-Depth Guide To Advertise and Promote Your Listings – Chapter 5

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Presenting the Home

If you stage a home well, it will stand out and so will you. Here’s a picture of a home that is not staged.

This is a pretty bad picture. Should you stage your home? Yes. The point is to make it look fresh and clean and feel like home. Just make it look as best as possible. This is a sure way to get buyers to submit offers quickly. More offers mean a better choice to get the most money at a much faster rate.

That’s very important because if someone’s living in their home, they’re paying a mortgage payment on this home, and if they spend a little bit of money staging their home, it’ll sell faster so they’re not paying as much mortgage payments on this home, and it sells quicker and it gets better offers.

Here is a great example of home staging.

On the left-hand side you see a house that looks like they obviously have children so there are toys out. There are pillows just thrown around. It’s just the average house.

On the right-hand side, you see that they’ve spent a little bit of money here and they rearranged the furniture, added a little bit better furniture. They did a little bit of painting around the fireplace and they definitely spent a little bit of money and it now looks so much more presentable.

That way when they go to show this house, it’s going to sell much quicker, and it’s going to make people put good offers for this home because it’s presented nicely. Also, with your well-taken photographs, offers will increase.Ā 

Another thing to note is that your photographs are going to look way better in a staged home, so that way when you’re posting it online, on Zillow and the MLS, your photos are going to be way more attractive and will go right along with the awesome description that you wrote. This way, you get to show the best value in the features out of your home.

When a house is staged it’s clean, crisp and you can take nice pictures of the features such as the granite countertops or the outdoor kitchen or the new carpet with everything cleared off the carpet. You can see the carpet is clean. If the room’s open, you can see that it’s freshly painted and stuff like that.

We definitely recommend staging because in most cases it’s even necessary when selling a home because if the market is flooded, and there’s a ton of homes on the market, you got to set your home apart, and that’s what staging does. It sets it apart. It makes it look nicer and you have professional pictures. It’s laid out correctly.

The colors, are modern. Everything’s up to date, and it’s going to help that home sell way quicker. Staged homes on the average tend to spend two months less on the market than unstaged ones. Like I said before, in mortgage payments alone, the seller could easily save well over $2,000. That’s very key.

Here are a few websites where you can easily find home stagers.

You can get different prices. A lot of these websites, have the pricing right on their website, and they charge a per hour rate. There are different types of home staging. One type of home staging is when home stagers move furniture into a spec home that is for sale and is completely empty with nobody living there. They’ll put pictures on the wall, and furnish the home to present it very well.

There’s also staging homes that people are living in. This is a cheaper way of staging as stagers can take the existing furniture and other stuff in the home, rearrange it, add a little bit of extra stuff, change some paint colors and give you recommendations. They charge just an hourly rate on that.

You’ll really want to do that, obviously, before you take the photos of the home. You’ll want to do the home stage and get somebody to come, look at it, make sure everything is decorated up to date, and it’s going to be presented well in the photos. That is very important with home staging.

This goes along with photography because your home will be photographed in both the exterior and interior. You want to make sure you show the BEST value and features out of the home. Remember, the seller can easily save well over $2,000 inĀ mortgage payments alone if the house is staged.

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