In-Depth Guide To Advertise and Promote Your Listings – Chapter 3

In-Depth Guide To Advertise and Promote Your Listings – Chapter 3 2018-04-03T13:41:43+00:00

Online Targeted Marketing

Are you tired of attracting the wrong people to view your listing?

Targeted marketing is the best solution for drawing attention only to serious buyers.

It lets you market to people that have the right income, that have the correct jobs, and that live in the area that you find most of your buyers from. You’re not marketing to just everybody and people that aren’t qualified to purchase the home that you’re listing.

If you have a really expensive list in your area and you know that you have to have this income or this liquid asset worth, you can select that on Facebook or Google and the different places that you market and you can target those specific people.

A lot of agents are tired of attracting the wrong people to view their listings. You’re walking through a home and you know that these people cannot afford it. They’re not qualified. They’re wasting your time. You want to make sure that the calls and the leads that you’re getting are qualified leads.

Targeted marketing is the best solution for drawing attention only to serious buyers because you’re hitting the nail on the head every time with these people. Online targeted marketing is tricky because it involves a detailed understanding of connecting with social circles, targeted behaviors, ad spend and blogging, partnering up and being relevant in your community.

It takes a little bit of time setting up your ads. It takes a little bit more time coming up with a list of who you want to target to make sure you’re targeting the correct people.

Since 2008, Facebook community has grown in population by 49%. 73% (220 million) of Americans have social network profiles. That is a lot of people. On Facebook, you can select specific demographics of who you want to target. Target people’s income and where they live so you’ll only be showing up on these people’s news feed with the ad of your listing.

You can also target things like if they’re likely to move, if they’re interested in purchasing a home and all this different stuff.

Google is another great place to market.

There’re 5 components to a home value ad.

1. Ad Text – It should explain what your offer is. It needs to be at least one sentence long while providing the most amount of content by explaining what you are offering. It should end with a call to action, something like “click the button below”.

2. Image – Important part since it has to grab the viewer’s attention and stop them from scrolling. It has to do these things while staying relevant to your offer and appealing to most people.

3. Headline – Something short and quick to grab someone’s attention. “Home Prices are Higher Than Ever” or something smooth like this in only one or two lines of text.

4. Link description – Will appear directly underneath the headline and is designed to finish up the thought of the headline while giving a little more information and reinforcing your offer.

5. Call to Action Button – Facebook has 9 different options. Just choose the most relevant one for your offer.

Utilizing Facebook’s pixel is a giant part of this as well. Anyone that lands on your value page gets a pixel installed on them, allowing you to follow up or re-target them online. It creates a more targeted warm set of leads.

Now that they already have interacted or shown interest in any of your pages, you need to take advantage of this and turn these leads into clients. We breakdown the steps of doing this in more detail in this blog Post .

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