In-Depth Guide To Advertise and Promote Your Listings – Chapter 15

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It’s true that a picture is worth a thousand words. But they are worth a lot more in real estate

Taking great listing pictures changes an entire sale.

There’s no reason to hire a professional either.

They also will bring more listings in the door.

This home wouldn’t sell.

See this house. It was on the market for two years.

The owners went through 3 different realtors trying to get it sold. The marketing on it was pretty good.

It just never seemed to get enough viewers in person. There were some, but none bought it.

It was marketed good enough. The owners eventually showed me what these realtors were doing.

The home should have had more visits than it was getting.

Look at that picture above. It doesn’t look THAT bad.

It’s a front view of the home meant to showcase the yard and its size. Here are a couple more of the listing pictures.

Here’s a side view of the home that couldn’t sell.

Another front yard view.

These two pictures are a little worse. A viewer could get a feel for the size of the yard, the size of the home and its structure, but there was nothing to make it stand out.

These are the type of pictures that are scrolled through and passed over.

The few sellers that were interested did not have it at the top of their list, so they pursued other houses that stood out to them harder.

It was expired for three months when I met with the owners. I showed them how I’d market the home, but I really focused on how I would do the listing photos differently.

I won the listing and took new photos.

Then I edited those pictures.

The backyard

My far view of the front.

Look at the difference in these two sets of pictures. I barely edited anything.

I just made it brighter to make it to stand out.

In two weeks we had multiple offers on the home. My pictures showed off the home’s features much better than the other realtor’s.

We were down to two different buyers who were fighting over the house. The one who didn’t get it was mad.

It was the complete opposite experience for the owners.

This is because the pictures stood out. I also showcased the most appealing parts of the home, so it stuck out even more.

Having great photos is one part, showcasing the right parts of the house is the other.

Showing off selling points is important. Take the pictures of any special architecture or additions. Make it look amazing.

I see too many listings that don’t have multiple photos showing off the unique selling points of each home.

I took that and a few other pictures of the home’s backyard and all around the house. Its size and yard were the selling point.

When people went to look at this home online, I needed them to instantly realize how big and beautiful of a front and back yard it is.

That’s how the home got sold.

It is easy to do this.

Do not hire a pro for this. You can do it yourself.

A quality camera and its gear only cost a few hundred dollars. That’s the price of one professional.

This is a camera I recommend.

It’s a Panasonic Lumix FZ300 and is perfect for listing photos. It also shoots 4k video for walkthroughs.

It’s simple to use. But there are many cameras for a good price that will get the job more than done.

Editing the pictures only takes an hour.

But, you don’t even need to be the one to edit them. You can get a freelancer on for a couple of bucks to do it.

It will only cost 2 or 3 bucks per picture.

Here are the keys to taking good pictures:

1. Use Good Equipment

A cell-phone camera won’t cut it if you want quality shots, but the most expensive equipment isn’t needed either.

Something like the camera I just mentioned above. There are a lot of different types that are great.

You can buy most of them with an accessory pack that will include lighting and a tripod.

2. Make Sure You Have Good Lighting

The lighting kit usually is not enough, especially indoors.

Any pictures that are to light or too dark should be left out. Early in the afternoon is the best time for photos.

Try to use as much natural lighting as possible.

Then after they are well-lit, you can make the finishing touches editing them.

Not great lighting.

This is the wrong weather and time of day to take this picture. Since there is so much shade around the home, nothing pops out.

It’s hard to edit brightness in a picture like this since it doesn’t have much to start with.

3. Use the Best Angles

Here’s the same picture from the last paragraph.

Poor Angle

This is an atrocious angle. The house isn’t centered, and it does not show the home’s size at all.

Here is the better angle.

This will show the viewers more of the home and yard.

Don’t even pay attention to the levels of brightness in each picture right now. Notice how much more space you can see in the front and back yard.

It puts the house in a great perspective as well.

The best way to show off a room is to shoot from the corner. This provides context and makes the room look more spacious than a tight shot does.

Here is my example.

4. Showcase the Best Features

If a home has a pool or a huge backyard, take a lot of pictures of it. Then upload a lot of those to your listing.

This is the part of a listing that sets it apart from other homes. If the kitchen was upgraded or has unique features, that should headline your listing.

Drone photography will make your listing stand out.

They aren’t the easiest to fly or master. An option is to hire someone from that will specialize in the type of shots that you need. It can get pricey, so here are some tips to learn it yourself.

Start With a Flight Class

This is one of the best ideas that you can start with. Not only will you have your drone fully figured out after you complete, but it will also prep you for any safety concerns that might arise.

Flying in a small area or even around people can always cause some risk.

If you can take good drone photos, it’ll make your listing presentations and actual listings much more appealing.

Choose the Right Drone

There are a lot of fairly-priced drones out there, but make sure yours is equipped with the right camera and isn’t extremely tight to navigate throughout a house.

It is important to view the type and quality of videos that each drone is capable of before making any purchase.

Know the Regulations

This goes along with taking the class, but it’s still important to know your exact laws when it comes to using a drone.

You can find the regulations right here on the FAA’s website.

Some of them are, you are only allowed to fly during the day, and it must always be in your visible range.

There are a few restricted zones that allow no flying at all time, and there are height and speed limits as well.

Get the Outside and Inside of the Home Ready

An obvious step, but an important one regardless. Make sure the home is fully staged and looking as appealing as possible.

There are a few things you can do to the outside of the house that will differ from regular staging.

First, turn off all of the interior lights. Make sure that all cars or vehicles are removed from your driveway, and your car is nowhere near the house.

It may seem tough to shoot the interior of the home, but it holds a lot of value. Giving an aerial view and tour of the home’s features stands out compared to a handheld walkthrough at times. Stage the home with attention to detail.

Make sure all fans and air conditioning are turned off.

Master Your Post Production

This is where you can make up any problems you had with color or distortion problems you may have. Final Cut Pro or Adobe Premiere Pro are going to be your most detailed programs to improve your video.

Transitions are important and so is background music or voice overs. Or you can get a freelancer to do this step for you.

A virtual assistant can do all the editing for you.

Virtual assistants can also help you with enhancing your listing photos.

So, naturally, you want to find an assistant that possesses excellent skills in graphic design. He or she should know their way around Photoshop, or any other platform for graphic design you want to use.

Or they can help you find someone cheap to enhance the photos.

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