In-Depth Guide To Advertise and Promote Your Listings – Chapter 1

In-Depth Guide To Advertise and Promote Your Listings – Chapter 1 2018-04-03T13:30:49+00:00


Copywriting is the art and science or writing copy (words used on web pages, ads, promotional materials, ect.) that sells your product or service and convinces prospective customers to take action. In many ways, it’s like hiring one salesman to reach all of your customers.

It’s very important selling real estate, in your description of your listing, to have the right copywriting done correctly. This is where you engage and interact with the customer by certain words that are used and certain phrases that catch people’s attention and it sets you apart from just other listings.

They can write your product descriptions, sales descriptions etc. for products, listings, and most other stuff.

How do I tell my copywriter what I want? You’ll need to be very descriptive of the property. Instead of just saying something like “You’ll love making memories in this home,” you’ll need to be specific about unique features that that home has.  

Tell people about the brick patio for barbecues, don’t just mention the lovely outdoor space. You’ll want to mention specific features that this home has that the potential buyer would enjoy. You’ll want to address the core features. Features that would be a very good selling point for this home.

Mention a two-car garage instead of just saying garage, and be specific with stuff like an outdoor kitchen. Anything that you would think that would be a good selling point or something that’s new in the home. If something’s newly remodeled, such as the bathroom or the kitchen, mention those things as the main features of the home.

When the potential buyer is reading the description of the home, those features really pop out. Your copywriter is going to help you by wording these well, putting them in the right places in paragraphs and making sure they really stand out.

Another thing that’s very important is to emphasize where the home is located. Location is a huge selling point in real estate these days, and you’ll want to make sure that you describe how far it is from main attractions. If it’s close to beaches, nature parks, malls, schools, etc. put those details in there.

Mention if you can ride, bike or walk. If there’s bus transportation or a subway. How far it is to the schools? I would suggest to put the rating of the schools. If there are good schools in the area, put that in the description. Mention that it’s in a good school zone and stuff like that. Make sure you put all of that in the description and definitely emphasize on the location, it’s very important. Those are huge selling points, especially for people that have families.

Another tip is to use brand names. If there’s a West Elm chandelier in their home, or if they have Frigidaire appliances, mention it. When touring the home, make sure you make a list of the brand names in it so when you are sending this information to your copywriter, you can send them these name brands and tell them to include them in the description of the home.

Instead of just saying “all wood cabinet,” say “an all wood IKEA kitchen”.  

Check out this example description:

“Living is easy in this impressive, generously spacious residence with Delta views and access. The open floor plan encompasses four spacious bedrooms with plenty of room for study, sleep and storage, four and a half luxurious bathrooms, and a sleek and stylish gourmet kitchen that flows through to the dining room. The expansive living room opens up to a spacious rear patio with pool, spa and private boat dock on San Joaquin Delta. The master bedroom, complete with walk-in closet and en-suite ensures parents have a private space where they can enjoy the Delta views on their private balcony. Perfect for anyone, this home is ideally positioned to enjoy summers on the Delta. Truly resort style living in Brookside Country Club Estates.”

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