Get Referrals From Attorneys Training Guide – Chapter 4

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Method #1: You can go to your state’s Bar website. You can search through the membership directory for a family law attorney.

Method #2: You can Google “family law attorney in Jacksonville” — or wherever it is you’re from. Divorce attorneys are classified under family law. Some of these attorneys are going to be handling a lot of divorces, and some of them aren’t going to be handling very many divorces at all.

You’ve got to find attorneys who are doing a lot of business and focus your energy there.

We’ve got 133 attorneys in Duval County that practice family law. I could mail out some copies of my book. I can make some calls. I can send out emails and start building relationships.

That’s basically how you get started.

You can also search for estate attorneys in your area. The attorneys who come up in the first page of results are likely to get the most business.

Now here’s a quick tip: Don’t click on the ads. The attorneys who run ads are paying $20 to $50 per click. If you click around a lot, they’re going to pay. You don’t want them to trace the clicks back to you and discover you aren’t a potential client.

If you want to view the page under an ad, copy and paste the URL into your browser. That way, you don’t cost them any money.

Once you find out who you want to reach, mail them a copy of your book and follow up. You can send it to their business address or search for their home address.

Method #3: It might sound old-fashioned, but you can also find attorneys in the phone book. I personally don’t have a phone book (I throw it out every year when I get it). But if you have a phone book, you can look through it. Find the attorneys who are advertising in the divorce, family law, and probate sections of the phone book.  

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