Get Referrals From Attorneys Training Guide – Chapter 1

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This is why attorneys want to refer you business.

Attorneys work with lots of people who are going to be selling their homes.

Maybe someone is going through a divorce. Or perhaps, another person has an estate that needs to go through probate. In either scenario, people hire attorneys to help them.

And then, they’ll likely hire a Realtor to help them sell the house.

Here’s the thing attorneys don’t like (that could be your opportunity to get their referrals).

Some Realtors cause problems for attorneys. They’ll throw attorneys under the bus or blame them when things go awry. They’ll talk badly about the attorney. Not all Realtors have their attorneys’ backs. They’re loyal to the seller. They’re loyal to themselves.

That’s not to say all attorneys are great people — but they can present a great business opportunity.

That’s why attorneys would prefer to be the ones to send their clients to you. When you build a relationship with an attorney, they know who you are. They know you’re going to have their back because they’re a valuable resource for you. Most Realtors don’t bite the hand that feeds them.

They know going in that you’re going to be easy to work with and easy to get along with — at least compared with a Realtor who has no loyalty or any relationship with that attorney. That’s why most attorneys would prefer to send their business to a specific Realtor.

Bottom line? The attorney wants someone on their side.

You know how real estate is. There’s always problems, and, as Realtors, we’re used to handling disputes. Attorneys would prefer to have someone on their side — someone who’s looking out for them and wants to work with them rather than someone that may or may not bring them stress.

Why Attorneys Hold The Key To Hundreds Of Listings

In Jacksonville, Fla., attorneys hold the keys to hundreds, if not thousands, of listings every single month.

Have you ever heard the saying, “Little hinges swing big doors?” If you find the right hinge for your business, you can open a big door to a lot of listings. Attorneys can be that perfect hinge.

Here’s the deal: Attorneys know hundreds of home sellers. They know hundreds of people selling inherited homes. They know hundreds of people going through divorce.

About 61% of people that get divorced end up listing their houses with a real estate agent. Here’s what’s really cool. Attorneys already have an established relationship with these people. Their recommendations hold a certain level of esteem.

Most clients trust an attorney’s advice, recommendations and opinions. If you get to know these attorneys and have a good relationship, they can refer you a lot of business.

Let’s get into the numbers. There are about 1.1 million inherited properties listed every single year.

Across America, about 1.2 million couples get divorced every single year. About 60% sell their homes. That’s over 720,000 listings.

On average, 3.6% of the people in your town are getting a divorce. Actually, here in Florida, the numbers are a little bit higher.

Almost every person who gets a divorce is going to hire an attorney. Don’t miss out on a valuable source of referrals.

Matt relies on attorney connections for divorce referrals.

“I’m here in Boulder, Colo. I can’t access the divorce records. They’re protected on the public record, so I have to work directly with attorneys.”

In a lot of cases, it’s hard to get direct info on divorces from public records. It’s hard to track down specific names and contact info for potential leads.

Attorneys are a good way to access those people. You should reach out to attorneys who specifically handle divorces and probates.

You may also be able to contact bankruptcy attorneys. Some people who go through bankruptcy have to sell their house.

However, you may not get as big of a return on your investment with bankruptcy attorneys as you would with divorce attorneys or probate attorneys.

No Realtors Are Marketing To Attorneys.

I don’t know any Realtors in my market that are going after attorneys. Can you think of anyone in your market? Probably not. That’s why it’s such a great opportunity.

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