Get Referrals From Attorneys Training Guide

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Probate & Divorce Attorneys work with hundreds of home sellers every month. That’s hundreds of home sellers who could become referrals. This guide gives you the tools to tap into a wealth of leads.



  • Why attorneys want to refer their clients to you.
  • The psychology behind getting them to refer their business to you — and it’s not by becoming a great “networker.”
  • Step-by-step instructions to get started.

Here’s the feedback we received from an attorney who watched the webinar: “I just finished listening to the webinar. I thoroughly enjoyed it. I am an attorney and a real estate broker. I found the webinar super helpful from both perspectives. There are few things I get more satisfaction out of than referring people to great professionals and getting great feedback from it. Thanks.” — Jane

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“Get Listing Referrals From Attorneys”

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This is why attorneys want to refer you business.

Attorneys work with lots of people who are going to be selling their homes.

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Here’s what you don’t want to do: Approach the attorney and talk about how great you are at selling houses. Let me give you a little tip. That’s not what the attorneys are looking for in an agent. Not at all.

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Here are the three easy steps to get listings from attorneys.

#1: Find the attorneys — pretty easy to do.

#2: Send them your book — pretty easy to do, as well.  

#3: Build a relationship. That’s really the key.

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Method #1: You can go to your state’s Bar website. You can search through the membership directory for a family law attorney.

Method #2: You can Google “family law attorney in Jacksonville” — or wherever it is you’re from. Divorce attorneys are classified under family law. Some of these attorneys are going to be handling a lot of divorces, and some of them aren’t going to be handling very many divorces at all.

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We just finished talking about Step #1: Find the attorneys.

The next two steps will show you how to develop a relationship with the attorneys:

Step #2: Send them your book.

Step #3: Follow up and start building a relationship.

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Question: Could you ask three attorneys to lunch at one time or not?

Answer: I would recommend getting to know them one-on-one. Although attorneys may get along with each other fairly well, you’re asking three competitors to entertain your business. You’re trying to talk to three people at once. It’s going to become a bit challenging. Focus on the top probate attorney, divorce attorney, family law attorney in your town, and work your way down the list.

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First, let me summarize the steps.

 #1: Find the attorneys.

#2: Send them your book.

#3: Build a relationship.

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When I first started out in real estate, I didn’t understand how to build business relationships. If you told me, “Ben, go out and get the relocation buyers that are moving to Lake City, Fla., and get them to buy a house from you,” I never would have known how to do that. It just wasn’t a skill I possessed.

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