Get 1-2 Listings in Your Own Neighborhood

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You don’t have to venture far to find leads in your area — in fact, you don’t even have to leave your own neighborhood.

In every neighborhood, there are people ready to sell — and even if they aren’t ready to sell right this minute, you can establish yourself as the go-to Realtor when they do list their house with an agent.

We recently talked to a part-time agent who got two listings after he did this. Here’s how he got them:

Chapter 1: Identify Your Leads

Pull all of the “I want to sell” leads in your neighborhood. Let me explain what that means. An “I want to sell” lead is someone who has some interest in selling. They may not be a “motivated” seller, but they would like to sell eventually.

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Chapter 2: Offer Out Your Book

Offer your book to all of the “I want to sell” leads you compiled.

Since these people are in your neighborhood, go from home to home and knock on their doors. If the homeowners are out of town, call them on the phone.

What you say will depend on the type of lead you’re calling. To cover all of your bases, I’ve included links to several different scripts below. I’ve also provided links to additional training materials to convert leads in each niche.

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Chapter 3: Send Your Book to Interested Leads

Send a copy of your book to all of the “I want to sell” leads who agreed to receive a copy of your book.

I’ve tested out dozens of different strategies for getting listings. And after years of testing and tweaking, here is the best strategy I’ve found. It’s called “warm calling.” Let me explain what it is.

Warm calling is when you provide leads with something of value ahead of time — like your book — then follow up on the phone or at their door about four to five days later.

We’ve seen tremendous results from warm calling.

Here’s why it’s so much better than cold calling:

First off, you’re not going to get the same rejection you typically get when you cold call.

Why not?

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Chapter 4: Follow Up With Leads You Couldn’t Reach

Continue trying to reach all of the “I want to sell” leads you compiled. If you weren’t able to reach a particular person, try a second time. Sometimes, it can take 3-5 attempts before you make contact.

If you approached the home in person and no one was there, consider leaving your book package at the door and calling back a few days later.

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Chapter 5: Follow Up With the People
You Sent or Gave a Book

Follow up with the seller leads you sent or gave a book to and try to set up an appointment. If you mailed the book, the homeowners have probably received it by now and may have questions. Here’s a script you can use to set up an appointment:

“Hey, [First Name]. This is [Your Name]. I’m following up on the book I sent/gave you. Did you receive/read it yet?” (Wait for them to answer.)

“Would you consider selling your property if you could get the right price?” (Wait for them to answer.)

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Chapter 6: How Did You Do?

Congratulations! At this point, we expect you will have listed 1-2 homes and built up your confidence. If so, we’d love to hear about your success.

We’ve received dozens and dozens of success stories from other agents, but we never tire of hearing them! If you tell us about the success you’ve had with this selling strategy, we’ll give you 20 free books.

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