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Have you ever thought about listing pre-foreclosures? Here’s why it’s a great listing opportunity:

  • Most foreclosures are targeted by investors who want to steal their homes. So, when you show them how you can help them get a fair price for their home, it’s easy to get the listing.
  • Surprisingly, a lot of these leads are high-end. If you focus on the high-end foreclosures, you can list high-end homes.

Here’s an overview of the steps to list Pre-Foreclosures:

Step #1: Find the leads. In Chapter 3, I show you exactly how to find these leads.

Step #2: Send them your book. I recommend sending them the Generic Business Card Book. In Chapter 4, I show you how to do this.

Step #3: Meet with the sellers and give them a Free Consultation on how to avoid foreclosure. (The best option is to sell the house). In Chapter 5, I explain how to do this.

And, in Chapter 6, I show you everything a “Foreclosure Expert” needs to know so you can confidently offer a free consultation.

Step #4: Automate the process. Once you’re cranking in the listings, you’re going to want to automate everything. I show you how to automate the lead research process and other parts of your business. This will enable you to avoid the burnout that plagues so many agents.

Okay, enough said. Let’s get started. We recently hosted a Training Webinar on how to list Pre-Foreclosures. If you’d like to watch the webinar replay, click the link below. If not, continue onto the rest of the training below.

Here is a Replay of the Training Webinar:

How To Get Motivated Seller Listings

From Sellers Facing Foreclosure


Don’t have time to watch the Webinar Replay Video?

Download the Webinar Audio on MP3, so you can listen to the webinar on your phone.

This guide is going to teach you how to list pre-foreclosures. First, you’ll learn how to get listings from homeowners facing a foreclosure auction. These are the best leads to focus on. Then, you’ll also learn how to get listings from people with a foreclosure filing. This means the process has just started.

These are not bank foreclosures, like REOs. They have not yet been foreclosed upon.

Foreclosures are a fairly easy niche to get into. I started out working as an assistant to a real estate investor. That is where I first learned how the foreclosure process works, where to find leads, and how to contact them. I even did some door knocking.

Now, as you know, investors need to make money. In order to do that, they have to buy a house for substantially less than it’s worth. Many people were in foreclosure and needed to sell. But they didn’t want to sell at a huge discount to an investor.

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Here’s a quick story to show you why you need to push through the challenges you face.

One day, a man is walking through the forest. He sees a cocoon. A butterfly was trying to get out, but it was really struggling. The man sat there for a couple hours watching the butterfly. Worried that the butterfly might get stuck and and die, he decides to help. He cut the butterfly out, expecting it to fly away.

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Now, the next thing to do is find the leads. You can buy them from a provider, such as the RedX, starting at $40 a month. They do a good job of finding and scrubbing the leads. You will also gain access to cell phone numbers, which will be helpful.

Pull Foreclosure Auctions First

Another source for foreclosure leads are auctions. Those will come from your local courthouse. This is a great resource, but it will take some time. You will have to search through the county website to find the leads.

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Sending your book is pretty simple. Pick one of the books, edit the cover letter, and either mail a copy or drop one off at the door. You can find more details on how to send your book on this blog post.

I recommend the business card books. The Secret of Wealthy Home Sellers or How to Sell Homes Fast for Top Dollar are good choices. You just want something that shows you’re very competent.

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Follow up after sending your book and offer a Free Foreclosure Consultation.

You can accomplish this by phone or by going to the door. You may find that the numbers you have are often shut off. These people have probably been bombarded by debt collectors and had enough. In those cases, you’ll need to go in person.

Face-to-face may be better also when you have a really good lead. You don’t want to waste time. Sometimes, going and knocking on their door may be your best option.

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Many of you are probably thinking you could never do a free “How to Avoid a Foreclosure” consultation. But, it’s really quite easy to do. As an agent, you likely have already worked with buyers. Giving advice is what you do.

Here’s what will make it easy for you. Just reference this document while you’re talking to them.

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Stop doing everything yourself. Hiring someone to handle some of the foot work will take a load off your shoulders. An assistant can research leads, mail books, set appointments, and anything else you need.

Outsource some of your work to a Virtual Assistant. You can hire someone based in your area or out of the country. How much you want to spend will be a big determining factor. If you hire within the country, you will spend more. There are freelance workers whose whole career is virtual assisting. So, just like you, they are trying to make a good living.

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Question: Where do I find the leads? How do I find the leads of people that are in foreclosure?”
Answer: Please read Chapter 3 of this Guide. It has the complete instructions on how to look this up. Since the answer is in depth, I can’t answer it in one paragraph alone.

Question: What do you do if they ask you to help them find a rental? Here in New York, it’s hard to find a rental for a person who has a low credit score.
Answer: If you’ve got $30,000-$50,000 in cash, you can prepay your rental for an entire year and get a rental that way. It’s not always easy to find a rental, but it is possible. Having the cash upfront may make it easier. The rental can be prepaid for 6 months or a year, which is attractive to a landlord.

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First, let’s summarize the steps.

Step #1: Find the leads. In Chapter 3, I show you exactly how to find these leads.

Step #2: Send them your book.

Step #3: Meet with the sellers and give them a Free Consultation on how to avoid foreclosure.

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