First-Time Buyer Leads: An Off-Season Opportunity – Chapter 4

First-Time Buyer Leads: An Off-Season Opportunity – Chapter 4 2019-01-17T14:59:29+00:00

Finding first-time buyer leads is not enough for your business. You have to convert these leads into clients. The best thing about first-time buyers is that they don’t have the burden of selling a previous property and just need a bit of a push to hire you.

The question is not whether they want to buy, but rather whom they will work with, if anyone at all.

So what you need to do is provide and continue to provide value to them. Your goal is to become an authority in their eyes and build their trust from the start.

83% of buyers trust brands or companies that offer them resources and useful information. And that’s exactly what your book does. You’re providing buyers with a simple guide that answers any questions they may have. You’re relieving the stress of the selling process and building trust along the way.

Send Them To Your Website, Social Media Pages or Blog.

This really works well over email. Direct your leads to any of your social media profiles or your site. They’ll get to know you even more and look through any useful content you’re offering on any of those mediums.

Your social media profiles should offer a look into your personal life, so you can build more trust from your leads.

Transparency is important to consumers, so the more transparent you are online, the better.

The next step is to direct your leads to a testimonial or a referral. You already know referrals are the lifeblood of your business. Video testimonials are the most effective way to gain trust from young buyers because they hear all the good things about you directly from your former clients.

Giving your leads a chance to hear from someone other than you can convince an on-the-fence buyer to work with you.  

Make your leads feel as if they’re talking with or hearing from a friend when they see or read your testimonials.

Once you’re close to sealing the deal, ask your leads to get coffee or go to lunch with you — after all, email communications can only go so far, even with millennials. This is where you can solve any problems or answer any questions they have.

You can quickly get an idea of what they need from you and how you can move forward. One of the biggest keys to this meeting is to figure out what neighborhood they are interested in living in.

Send them relevant resources once you know more about their goals. Send them information about the market and prices of houses around the area they’ve shown interest in. Tips on home buying, renovations, and loans can be useful for first-time buyers.

Do your best to solve any problems or answer questions for them. Even if you’ve already gone over something with them before, backing up your answers with data and stats will reinforce their confidence in you.  

Finally, share any listings you have or see that match what they might be looking for. The important thing is not to send them listings right out the gate. You have to build trust and establish a relationship before you do. If you don’t take the time to learn exactly what they want from a home, you’ll be more likely to send them listings they have no interest in, which may put them off from working with you.

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