Divorced Home Guide – Chapter 4

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Tips to Use

General lead follow up and appointment conversion tips

The purpose is to schedule an appointment to visit the home. Make sure the homeowner realizes the value in having a professional visit their home to prepare an accurate evaluation. Stress that each home is unique, and can only be truly valued in person. While touring the home, mention details that impact valuation to reinforce the benefit of the visit.

Take the time to be familiar with a solid listing presentation. Be prepared to share market trends with the owner.

Position yourself as the expert in your local real estate market. Suggest action steps they can take to improve their homes appeal to buyers. It will earn trust and build confidence. Recap how visiting helped with evaluation, and let them know when to expect your report.

 Always close by asking for the listing!!

The “Law of Reciprocity” and how it works for you

The “Law of Reciprocity” basically states that humans tend to reward a positive action with another positive action in return. Additionally, people usually respond with return actions of a higher value than the initial positive action. In the Free Home Valuation offer, you initially offered a valuation in exchange for a lead, but it really goes much farther than that.

You counter the return action of surrendering contact info by spending time visiting their home and giving them a professional valuation. When you go on appointments, give MORE value by bringing a folder of information useful to sellers. The last section “Bonus Sales Training for “Best Converting Letter”” offers value with follow up materials. Get handouts with tips for sellers as well as monthly market trend newsletters and articles. Simply add your contact info, print, and bring to the owner when you arrive for an appointment.

Now that you over-delivered a positive action in return, they will feel obligated to offer something back to “even the score”. Let them know when you will have a complete Home Valuation Report ready to deliver. Thank them for allowing you the opportunity to help them out. Then ask if you can help them sell their home. By NOT pushing them, but instead asking to help them sell, you offer even more value. Asking to help with their home sale puts you on their side, looking out for their interests.

After all the value you’ve given, they will feel like they “owe you” the chance to help.

Prioritize your leads for the most efficient use of time

Anybody thinking of selling right away or very soon should be your TOP priority. Strike while the iron is hot, these people requested a Home Valuation for a reason! Show that you respond quickly, and take action. Just be careful not to come across as too needy or desperate for business!

Schedule appointments for HOT leads right away, the sooner you get to them the better.

Anybody thinking of selling, but not right away, or is undecided, is a MEDIUM priority. Let warm leads know that you want to set an appointment, and ask for a time next week, or when your schedule is open. If they are undecided, offer to bring by a few current trend reports to help them make a well informed decision on timing the sale of their home. Don’t be pushy, simply ask them if they are aware of current market conditions impacting home values.

Spend some extra time if you can letting these leads now that now is really the time to sell.

If they are NOT interested in setting an appoitment, offer a ‘rain check’ on the valuation, and honor it down the road when they’re closer to selling. Convey to them that it will not be very accurate in the fluctuating market. Again, do not get pushy and turn away a future listing!

Finally, you will always get a few people merely curious about their homes value. The best approach is to tell them a valuation is basically useless if they are not selling anytime soon. Offer a ‘rain check’ on the valuation. Tell them that you don’t want to waste THEIR time, but you’d be happy to give them a full valuation for free anytime later they get close to selling.

If they insist, you may want to just give them a rough guesstimate right there on the call.

Remember, ‘cold leads’ are just hot leads that haven’t warmed up yet. Don’t ruin a future listing opportunity, and always keep in touch!

Overcoming objections and using the assumptive close

Many times people who say no are merely confused or have unanswered questions.

A confused mind will say no nearly every time. Your task is to uncover their objections, and answer them. Keep gently digging to find out what’s holding them back. The point is NOT to be pushy, but educate them on the importance of the home valuation as a tool that will benefit them. Knowledge is power, and approaching one of life’s largest financial decisions under-informed could have life-changing results.

Add an assumed close to your answers. This is a good general sales practice. Ask for the sale (or appointment). Ask for a chance. Assume that you already have a sale (or appointment), and you likely will. Don’t ask direct yes or no questions people can say “No” to. Guide them into saying “Yes”, or make them tell you no in their own words. People can answer questions with a “No” easily, but find it harder to TELL you no. Don’t give them an easy chance to!

Not just phone scripts, but good closing responses

Any time you’re talking with someone who seems reluctant, find what’s holding them back. Keep talking and gently pushing them to set a specific appointment time. Come back from their rebuttals and be confident in order to win them over and set a listing appointment.

If you aren’t assertive they will almost always try to get out of setting an appointment time. Keep answers simple to avoid confusion. If they are talkative but indecisive, use a quick story from personal experience to illustrate your answer or response to their question.

Don’t be overly pushy, but never stop asking for the appointment as the conversation moves along. Gently guide them towards setting an appointment. There is a fine line between being persuasive and pushy. Learn to walk it!

Practice makes perfect

Work with these examples, get familiar with the bullet points, and learn how to use any part of it without having to think it out line by line. Put the dialogue into your own words, get comfortable with not just the answer, but understand the feeling that goes with the answer. Work on coming across as a friendly person who is on their side, and let them know how much you want to HELP them with an expert valuation.

You’ll find that “getting this” has benefits beyond a few simple follow up phone calls. Practice with your spouse or coworker to improve your response. You will gain confidence in your answers, and that will in turn result in closing more deals, and gaining more confidence…

A few tips and extra details

  • The home evaluation is NOT automatic
  • The home evaluation is free  
  • Every home is unique and varies in value
  • A visit is needed for a true valuation
  • Appointments take about 30 – 45 minutes
  • There is no obligation to list with any agent
  • Respond to leads as quickly as possible
  • HOT leads are TOP priority
  • Warm leads get Medium priority
  • Cold leads should get a rain check
  • Don’t waste time setting appointments with people who have no intention of selling or who are not the homeowners!
  • Always end with a question
  • Always assume the close
  • Don’t be overly pushy and always be polite.
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