Divorced Home Guide – Chapter 2

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How To Find Divorce Leads

A few market forces have combined to make divorces a great source of listings:

First, the divorce rate has shot up with the economy. A lot of people wanted to get divorced during the recession. But, they couldn’t afford to do it. They didn’t have the money for a lawyer. Or, they didn’t have enough equity to sell their home. Millions of people chose to separate rather than divorce.

Second, the housing market has improved. People who didn’t have the equity to sell their home previously can sell it and even make a profit.

An area with a population of 50,000 people will have about 108 divorcees list their homes each year. There is very little competition for this niche and you could list a lot of houses.

In my marketplace (Jacksonville, Florida), about 2,300 divorcees list their homes each year. And none of the other agents in my market focus on this niche.

So how do you get these listings?

1. Find the addresses

2. Mail them a letter but don’t mention divorce

Here is the quickest and easiest way to access hundreds of divorce leads in your area. The best way to find the addresses is to go to your county’s Clerk of Court website and individually pull each of them up. Just search “your county” Clerk of Court on Google and find the list from there.

First, you need to find out who is getting divorced. The easiest way to do that is on your local courthouse website. See the video below.

Remember, 61 percent of the leads you get there are going to end up listing their home.

So if you pull 20 of them, 12 of the families will be listing their homes. That’s why it’s so important to get to them first and early in the process.

Find them by date.

That’s going to set yourself up to be the first person they call when they are ready to list their house.

Next, reach out to them in some way. Smart Agent members can send them their licensed books.

Calling them and asking for the listing won’t endear you to them.

Do something to demonstrate your value.

You want to be an asset for them.

Ask them if they have any questions about anything on their home, the market or anything involving real estate.

Be their information source for the topic. 

Working with an attorney is more efficient and builds a quicker and stronger rapport with the owners than reaching out cold.

This is a much easier way to start your relationship with these couples. It starts by reaching out to divorce and family lawyers in your area.

Think about it, how many connections to divorced home leads do they have?

The follow up is so much easier and less stressful in this situation. One of our members, Sharon, has won listings and leads like this.

Yeah, actually I have a pretty awesome, website that I connect with local businesses and vendors, so in exchange for him helping me promote my business, I’m doing the same for him too. So, he’s on my website for a referral  for family practice,” she said, “And right now I have, one, two, three, four, five, six, seven … seven listings on my board, and three are from the book and divorce lawyer.”

Just leave something of value and with your information at these attorneys office.

This can be a brochure, pamphlet or any marketing material that you use. It works even better if you brand yourself as someone “who specializes in helping divorced couples in bad situations.”

Since they are reaching out to you for this help, it’s more than a hot lead.

If they don’t reach out to you, get in touch with the attorney and see if anyone needs their home sold. He or she could give their information to you but will have to ask the owners if they are ok with it.

Work with the attorney and have them recommend you to their clients.

This is even better than following up with them. Offer to trade services or even pay the attorney outright for recommendations.

If an attorney recommends you to clients as the specialist who will sell the home, you have a high chance of winning that listing.

It is your job to convince the lawyer and the owners that they need an agent, or if they are in a rush, they could succumb to investors.

If you’re in this position, then you will be the first agent they hear about and speak with.

This is another huge benefit to this. If they see your books or marketing material in the office and the attorney mentions you early, you are three steps ahead.

That’s what makes this so much simpler than contacting cold divorce leads. Even if you are coming in with the best intentions, there will always be a level of skepticism when they get a call.

Getting to them early in the process is what wins these listings.

You can target lenders who work with divorcees the same way.

Go into these offices with an open mind and the right intentions. Talk to the lender or lawyer and treat them like the business partner you hope they will be.

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