Think Local for Business Success

Thinking local means focusing on local marketing. While this might seem like a given, in reality, most local businesses fall short in this aspect. A 2016 survey in Small Biz Trends revealed 62% of consumers thought local businesses needed a better online presence.    Toluna, a consumer insights company, reported that 70% of consumers worried

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Webinar Replay: How to Build a Business Plan that Guarantees You Hit Your Goals

January comes and inevitably, goals and resolutions are thick in the air. Unfortunately, most of them are destined to fail and fade. If you’ve ever said, “but this year will be different…” only to end up bogged down and discouraged as your daily tasks suck the life out of your good intentions…then you need an

Making Talking To Past Clients Easier

Good relations and keeping a lasting relationship with past clients is a huge part of getting referrals, testimonials and other massively important parts that build and expand your sphere of influence. But there’s a fine line in keeping in touch with your past clients and becoming that annoying pest who’s always calling or e-mailing. Reaching out

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