Back to School Real Estate Marketing

The start of the school year is one of the best time to target parents. It brings countless opportunities to add these parents to your sphere of influence. Any change in season is a good time to focus harder on your marketing efforts. The end of the summer and subsequent return to school is a

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Get Your Books Paid For, Sell Ads Inside Them

If you're a member and using the My Books program, you can be getting these books for basically free. Here's how to do this: You need to have your books first. Then have some local business or vendors in mind. Working with them will also help you become a local authority. It can be restaurants

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Why Your Facebook Ads Aren’t Working

Facebook offers the chance to reach some of the biggest online audiences. Not only that, but you can reach custom targeted audiences in very simple ways. Every realtor or agent will have a few Facebook ads that turn out to be duds and don't bring in leads. There could be a lot of reasons why you aren’t

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Best Email Practices

Email Marketing can be a big lead source, just as long as you use the right techniques when using your email list. Build your list through opt-ins or Facebook and other social media. Home value ads and pixeling anyone who visits your website or page will build it out. Any open house or event that

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Wait! I wan't to get you a FREE BOOK before you leave.

This book is my "mini-salesperson" and it gets me more listings without cold calling!