Here are some last-ditch efforts that you should try when your listing has been on the market too long. It’s not expired, but it is almost lifeless.

Changing Out Pictures and Videos When the Seasons Change

Keeping the pictures and your social media or property website updated to reflect the current season will make sure all the ads stay relevant to anyone viewing it.

As the season changes so will the light in the home and the beauty of the surrounding areas.

Market the Home Out of State

This is easiest for big cities that attract transplants, but it is still a good idea for most listings regardless. The best strategy is researching and finding out what states are the most likely to move into your area. Then select those areas to target in ads. Getting their interest before they start their house hunt is important.

It is somewhat of a hail mary, but it’s worth a shot to save a dying listing.

Use Facebook Live

Try to do a live showing and walkthrough of the house using this Facebook feature. It will stream live on to Facebook and you should boost this as well.

This will bring traffic to your page but can also target some people differently than just a regular ad.


Define Your Target Audience Deeper

If the home is by the beach or by any type of venue, target people who would be interested in those sorts of things. Same for schools (elementary and so on) and any other points of interest.  Find out who the secondary target audience is for your listing and start meeting those people.

These are just some of the last resort actions you can take to get some momentum rolling. Keep up with your normal marketing plans as well. Don’t jump into regular price reductions either. That is last resort and often times won’t even be why the home is not selling.