35 Ways to get business from books – Strategy 30

35 Ways to get business from books – Strategy 30 2017-12-09T11:29:20+00:00

How to do it: Follow the steps below to get these listings. We will build more “in-depth” training on each of the steps soon.

Step #1. Identify the High Turnover Neighborhoods in your area. You can often do this by going to Zillow and looking at a map of your area.

See the example below.

Step #2. Door knock the neighborhood, introduce yourself as the neighborhood expert, and offer them a copy of your book.

Here’s a script you can use when door knock:

“Hi, my name is _____. I’m a Realtor and I specialize in selling homes here in ______________. I wanted to give you a free copy of my real estate book. Do you know anyone that is thinking about buying or selling a home?”

A tip. Hold your book in your hand as you talk. And, right when you say “my book” reach out your hand and give your book to them.

Wait for them to answer and then see how the conversation progresses. You’ll be surprised at how many people are friendly and more than happy to talk to you!

Need more help implementing this strategy?

Contact our Support Department. If you are a Smart Agents Member, one of our trainers will get back to you with assistance.

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