35 Ways to get business from books – Strategy 15

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Case Study: Ben Curry has listed about dozens of these homes over the course of his career. It was a niche that he learned quite a bit about from his background working with real estate investors.

How to do it: Here are the steps you can follow to list these homes. We will build more “in-depth” training on each of the steps soon.

Step #1. Contact your local courthouse and ask how you can get info on foreclosure filings.

Step #2. Contact the homeowner and offer them your book. Tell them that you’d like to meet with them to review their options to avoid foreclosure.

Step #3. Meet the owner and go through all the options. Show them why their other options won’t work and why they should sell.

Step #4: Follow up until you get the listing. This niche is very similar to FSBOs. Many sellers will wait to list their home.

So, you have to follow up consistently until they list – or find a way to stop the foreclosure. (Many owners will negotiate a loan modification or repayment plan with their bank.)

Step #5. If necessary, find a way to delay the foreclosure auction until the house sells. If you’ve ever sold a short sale, then you know how to do this. If not, then wait for our blog post that has more details on exactly how to do this.

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