Vacant Member Guide Chapter 7

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Following Up with Your Vacant Leads

Now that you’ve got the book into a vacant owner’s hands, here’s a script to use to follow up and a short video.

Use this script to follow up on the leads who received your book:

Vacant Home Follow Up Script.

Here is a Training Video for the Vacant Home Follow Up Script (2:58)


A lot of the times the first conversation won’t result in a meeting. You will get someone interested, but you have to push them a bit to get them to make a decision.

This is where you plan out your follow up plan.

Each time you talk to them be sure to give them some information that they’ll think is valuable. It can be a little harder with vacants, but you can talk about the market or something that can draw buyers to their house.

It’s about trust and familiarity. You build that by building your rapport with an owner.

When you separate yourself, even by just touching base with them more than once or twice, they’ll start to remember you. Chances are, the book already sticks out in their mind.

Having a purpose for each conversation other than asking for the listing is huge.

This is where having a fine-tuned script that you change based on each situation comes into play.

Once you’re talking to them on phone, don’t over complicate the script. Most people, if you’re halfway decent on the phone, they’re going to be nice and friendly.

This script is for the first call, but make changes for it each time you get in touch with one of these owners.

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