Vacant Member Guide Chapter 4

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Finding Vacant Leads

Once you get good leads, chances are you will be the only agent pursuing the owner.

Then you use your books to convince the owners this is the best outcome for them.

Vacant homes are often still utilized as rental or lease income. A vacant designation just means this is not the owner’s primary residence, for whatever reason that might be.

Once you get vacant leads, you can show them that selling the home is their best option.

If you have an area you want to target, just get in your car and drive around.

I was recently driving around San Marco, right in Jacksonville. The average house in San Marco sells for about $400,000 to $500,000.

Within 10 minutes of driving around, Ben saw three vacant homes.

You can do that.

Another great way of finding leads is using the Melissa Data website. To use it simply Google Melissa Data mailing list. The site has a lot of simple data that you can go through and filter what you want.

Though you have to spend a couple of bucks to access the leads, Melissa Data is totally worth it and will save you a lot of time searching for leads.

You just spend 100 dollars and you’ll get about 1,000 leads that you can start working with. The site works just about anywhere. You have good list selections, you can sort and filter.

Another useful website is Agent Pro 247. The site charges $30 for a membership and you get 1,000 leads per month. Agent Pro 247 has some pretty good list selections.

The only downside is that it doesn’t have data for about 20 states or in some cases the data may may be inaccurate and a bit out of date.

They don’t update their information as much as Melissa Data does. However, it is a good site if you’re willing to go through and double check the leads yourself.

You could get your virtual assistant do it. You can clean up the information as well that way.

The last option is using property scouts. Use Craigslist to find people who have a car and pay them to drive around and look for vacant homes for you for a fee.

Here is a video where Ben will show you how to find these leads and the three ways there are.

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