Vacant Member Guide Chapter 3

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Review Your Book Proofs


So you’ve done the hard part — and admit it, it really wasn’t hard at all.

Now it’s time for our team of experts to get to work customizing your books.

Step #A: Look For The Email With Your Book Proofs.

Once we’ve put together a design proof, you’ll receive an email to review it.

The email heading will be something like this:

[] Re: [Book Leads] Your Proofs Are Just A Click Away

An example of the email is below.

Follow the link in the email to see the PDF of your books. Here’s an example Book Proof for you to see. (Make sure you zoom in on the back covers so you can double check your info and the email address.)

Step #B: Check Your Book Proofs.

Here’s how to do that.

Be sure to pay close attention to detail. Zoom in closely on the back of the books to ensure that everything is correct.

If you’re a realtor, make sure the back doesn’t list you as a broker, and vise versa.

Double check your email address. An easy way to check your email address is to highlight what’s written on the book, paste it into the sender field in your email and send an email. If you receive it, you know it’s correct.

Then, test out the phone number and website link. Look over the company name, the market area and any other important details.

The capture phone number should be set up by this point for you to test it out. Make sure you’re comfortable with the procedure, and contact our Support Department with any questions or concerns.

Warning! Your books will not be printed until you approve your Book Proofs.

Please review your proofs right away.

It may be tempting to procrastinate. But the faster you respond and approve your proofs, the faster your books will arrive at your front door.

Once you’ve reviewed all of the details, reply back to the email right away. If everything looks good, then reply, “This looks good.” Then we’ll know you’re ready to move forward and we will send your books to print.

If you’ve got any changes, email them back right away. Once you reply to the email, your changes will be made and sent back to you.

Don’t leave your proofs in purgatory for too long.

Some clients will often contact us several weeks after placing an order wondering why they haven’t received their books yet. Many times it’s because they haven’t replied to the proof email.

Your books will not be printed until you give the final OK.

Be sure to check your spam folder just in case an email was sent there by mistake. Keep on top of things and keep an eye out for any Smart Agent emails.

We want to get these books in your hands so you can turn them into listings. If you don’t respond to our first email, we will send more emails until you respond.

We’re doing everything on our end that we can to help you be successful, but sometimes we need a little help from you as well.

If you do have any changes, send them all back in one email.

We recommend if you have multiple changes to detail them in a numbered or bulleted list. This way, nothing gets lost in a large influx of information.

If you detail everything out as bullet points, you can be more confident that each one of them is going to be fixed.

And if everything is perfect the first time around, a simple “I approve” is all it takes to confirm your proofs.

If you do that, your books will go to print right away.

If you send multiple emails requesting changes or fixes that weren’t a mistake on our end, you will be charged for additional proofs. That’s why it’s so important to carefully review the PDFs, document any changes and make your requests in a single email.

We’re here to take care of you.

But we also need a little feedback from you to make sure you get the best product possible.

Once everything is approved, you’ll move onto the next step.

What’s next?

The next step is to get your first listing. So, click on the link below to move onto the next step and start the process.

Need Extra Help? Try one of these options:

Watch the New Member Webinar.

Contact our Support Department.

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