Vacant Member Guide Chapter 1

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Why the Vacant Niche Is Worth Pursuing

Our members are always asking which niche they should target and which books they should order to be successful in that niche.

It depends on your area, your market and how you want to pursue those leads.

What’s one of the most surefire ways to make sure you get listings?

Targeting niches that aren’t overcrowded and face less competition.

Vacant homes are one of the least competitive niches. Most agents gloss over them, and the leads are so easy to find.

Expireds get blown up by agents. FSBOs are hounded by calls.

This is a pretty big niche. In fact, there’s almost no competition for these leads. They’re open game.

In 2016 1.2 vacant homes sold in the last 8 months.

It’s not just a small chunk of the market. A lot of these homes are also part of the luxury market. There’s real opportunity here.

These homes are right in front of you.

The Census Bureau says that 10 percent of vacant homes will list in the next 12 months.

Now that the market is coming back or has came back, these owners are ready to sell. They were underwater during the bust.

Now that housing prices have recovered they can finally afford to sell.

So they put their home on the market. We see this happen all the time.

What about landlords that are just ready to give up and get out of that business? They bought a rental property.

Thought it would be easy. They’d get rich. It doesn’t always happen. Managing a rental is tough. A lot tougher than most people think. So that leads just one question. They notice the housing market. In the news. Prices are going up. Realize they could sell. Make money. Sometimes big money.

Clear, this is a ready market. So the question now is; Are you willing to put in a little bit of time and a little bit of work in order to be successful? Are you willing to put in the 20 hours, or 10 hours, over the next month in order to get two or three listings?

If you put in the time now, and then you figure out how to hire other people to help you out to find the leads, mail the letters, contact them, et cetera. You figure out how to build a system, and you’ll be listing between six and ten houses a month.

Mail them a letter with your book.

Offer to help. They ask you for more information. You talk. Find out what they want.

How do you get vacant homeowners to respond to you?

You really need to be the first agent to reach out to them.

Or you need to stand out the most. Or do both. Mailing them your licensed vacant homes book is the way to go.

67% of Vacant home sellers said they only interviewed one Realtor before they listed their house.

This is data from the National Association of Realtors. So when you do the work and get the list of vacant homes, becoming the first realtor to contact them, you have a two in three chance of them listing with you.

Now imagine even if there is a few other realtors pursuing an owner.

A book titled “Tips and Tricks to Sell Your Vacant Home” or something similar will win the owner over the majority of the time.

This is all why this niche is one of the least competitive and best to pursue in all of real estate.

Move onto chapter 2 to see how to order your customized vacant books.

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