Old Expired Training: These Leads are Waiting for You – Chapter 9

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Question: I know follow-up is key, how often do you suggest calling, emailing, or sending mail?

I send them the book and then I call them, and I probably call them every couple of days until I reach them. Sometimes it’ll take a week, sometimes you’ll call people 10 times before you reach them. It’s rare.

I usually don’t have their email addresses, so I don’t send them an email. So if I’ve invested the money to send them the book, I’m going to call them until I reach them.

Stopping by their house a couple of times works as well. As long as you come across with the right intentions just to help.

If it was time sensitive, I would stop by more frequently. If it was just a pleasure of them wanting to sell, I would stop by a little bit less.

Question: What about the “do not call” list?

If you’re getting information from those websites, they’re scrubbed against the “do not call” list.

Question: Don’t people think it’s weird that you’re calling them a year after their listing expired?

You can say, “I’m kind of calling you out of the blue. Do you have a minute?” Or, “I’ve got a weird question. I’m kind of calling you out of the blue, I have a weird question for you.”

“Hey, my question is you had your house for sale three years ago, it didn’t sell, I’m a realtor, would you be interested in selling it with the hot market we have right now?”

Question: How do I find the Old Expired Leads.

We have a blog post that shows you how to do it. Check it out here: Blog Post: How To Find Old Expired Leads.

Question: Do you have to Redx to find the leads?

Answer: No. But, it’s way easier and more efficient. I’d use the Redx if I’m researching more than 50 leads. Otherwise, you can do it manually.

Question: Do you mail an intro letter along with the book?

Answer: We have a blog post that shows how to send out the books. It has all the different letters you can include with the book. Check it out here: Blog Post: How to send your books to the Old Expired Leads.

Question: Do you send the expired book or just the seller book?

Answer: Either one will work. As long as the book talks about how to sell a home, then it will work.

Question: How to get the phone numbers for Old Expireds?

Answer: You can find them on WhitePages.com, Intelius, or have the Redx’s Automated System research them for you.

Question: Most people have cell numbers and not landlines. Any suggestions on finding cell numbers?

Answer: Use Intelius or the Redx. They have access to cell phones and other numbers.

Question: Do you have a script I can use to follow up with the leads after I send them my book?

Answer: We have a blog post with the script and a video explaining how the script works. Check it out here: Blog Post: Follow Up On The Books You Sent And Get The Listing.

Question: How soon do you call after book is sent?

Answer: Usually about 4-5 days.

Question: How often do you suggest calling?

Answer: If you’ve sent them the book, then call them every day or two until you reach them. Sometimes you’ll call people 3-4 times before you reach them.

Question: We ordered 35 books, how many listing will we get?

Answer: We don’t have exact numbers. Everyone’s conversion numbers are different. It depends on the leads you are targeting, whether or not you follow up, and your listing presentation.

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