Old Expired Training: These Leads are Waiting for You – Chapter 5

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We talked about our warm calling process a couple of chapters ago.

But like anything else, it’s up to you to use your best way of prospecting. Direct mail is a great option. But calling these old expireds isn’t a bad way to do this, if it’s one of your strengths.

When you contact a lead that already has your book, they’re familiar with you.

Joe talked about how he would approach a call in the video above. He would call and offer these old expireds his book.

“It’s like early Christmas, calling you to give you something, you’re probably not gonna yell at me, versus if I’m calling up like all the other agents list with the right realtor, “I’m the best.” “I’m the brightest.” “I’m the hottest.” “I’m the strongest.” They heard all those one-liners. It kind of caught their attention, like, “What the heck? You’re gonna give me a book?”

It was an opener to get into a conversation of selling their home. But then, when they got the book I had a reason to follow-up with them. Sometimes I just go drop it off, like, “Hey, I’m gonna be in the neighborhood, I’ll come drop it off.” Then I got to sit down on the couch with them, give them the book, and that’s where I got a lot of listings right on the spot.”

First try to make sure you’re talking to the right person. I do also know that starting out with that works better.

For example, if you call, “Hey, I’m calling about the house you had for sale.” And you don’t know who you’re talking to, and you just start talking, the people can get you off the phone a lot faster.

So that’s why I call up, and I almost pretend it’s like a friend, “Hey, is this John?” “Hey, is this Joe?” And then the next question is weird again. It may seem really weird, but there’s a reason we ask it.

What I’ve found is, when we were doing calls and I had the virtual assistants doing calls, a lot of people would tell them, “Hey, I’m busy. I don’t have time to talk. Call me back later on.” And they’d kick them off the phone. And then when they called back they’d never answer the phone.

So in order to avoid that, I told them to start asking, “I have a quick question for you. Do you have a minute?” And they don’t know who in the world you are. You’re calling completely out of the blue, 99% of people are gonna say, “Yeah, I have a minute. Who the heck is this?” Or they’re gonna think, “Who the heck is this?” They’re not gonna say that.

“Okay, cool. My name is Ben, I’m a realtor here in Jacksonville. The reason I’m calling is you had your property on Fourth Avenue for sale with another realtor a little while ago and it didn’t sell. Are you still interested in selling that property if you could get the right price?” And what are they going to say? “Yeah, I wanna sell.” Or, “No, I don’t wanna sell.” If they wanna sell, you send them your book. If they don’t wanna sell, you can still ask, “Hey, do you think you might consider selling down the road, sometime in the future?”

Right now it’s fall, so you could say, “Hey, do you think you might be interested in selling this coming spring with the hot spring market?” And sometimes they’ll say yes.

If you can, ask them more questions. If not, then just send them the book and follow-up later on.

You’re trying to call that old expired and determine do they wanna sell or not. If they don’t wanna sell don’t send them a book. If they do wanna sell, send them your book and then call them back about a week later.

Remember you’re there to help the person and even if they attack you, throw something back at them. I defuse the situation a lot. Sometimes, at the beginning of the conversation, it would get tense because everybody’s calling.

I use certain questions to defuse the situation. “Hey, can I show your house to a buyer? Are you still interested in selling?” Like you said, “If you got the right price, would you sell?”

These are simple questions that get them saying yes. It’s just approaching people the right way. It’s a bit tougher if you call them first before sending them stuff about you.

The same thing, phone calls or driving through the neighborhood. Like you said, be confident. You’re there to help. As realtors, we get beat up all the time. But confidence is a big thing.

Once the scales start tipping your way, it creates a landslide.

You gotta remember the whole picture and not get focused in on mailing out 200 books one day and then forgetting about it, never following up or never doing it again. Consistency is way better than quantity. And if you have a lot of leads, maybe sift through them and see who you want to mail. If you don’t have a lot of leads, I would recommend getting out of the office and going out and just start by handing out some books.

Here’s a question we get a lot:

“Did you ask why they feel their home didn’t sell when you spoke with them in person, on the phone, or in person? What are the pros and cons of doing so?”

If someone was really short and to the point, then I’d be short and to the point, as well. I usually try to be more short and to the point than the person I’m talking to.

If it’s a follow up after sending them a book, you can ask the question of why they didn’t think they’re home didn’t sell. Some people will talk for 30 minutes and you’ll build rapport with them.

Some people don’t wanna talk. “Hey, can you sell my house or not?” “Are you the best or not?” And that’s all they care about. So it depends.

If you use old expireds, try to list three or four houses in the next 30 days. You’ll have more confidence in your presentations, you’ll be more practiced. Once you just get some momentum going real estate will become so much easier and so much more fun.

I look at it as push and pull. Don’t push them too much, don’t pull them too much. You want them feel the emotion of, “Hey, you have the solution.”

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