Old Expired Training: These Leads are Waiting for You – Chapter 3

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Here’s The Easiest Way To Get Listings.

I’ve tested out dozens of different strategies for getting listings. And after years of testing and tweaking, here is the best strategy I have found. It’s called “Warm Calling.” Let me explain what it is.

I recommend using a method called warm calling.

Warm calling is when you send out a copy of your book and then follow up on the phone or at their door about four to five days later.

We’ve seen tremendous results from warm calling.

Here’s why it’s so much better than cold calling:

First off, you’re not going to get the same amount of rejection that you typically get when you cold call.

Why not?

They’ve got your book in their hands, they’ve seen your face, they’ve seen your name, and they’ve been introduced to what you’re all about.

It’s not very often that someone mails or gives someone a copy of a book that they wrote. So, you’ve already got that working in your favor.

Very often, people have already read through the books and know about our agents by the time they get those follow-up calls.

Right here in Jacksonville, an agent that we worked with gave away 10 books. Out of those 10 books, one seller called him back right away and said, “Hey, come out. I’d like to talk to you about having you help me sell my house.”

He also followed up on those remaining books and landed two more appointments.

That’s a 20% conversion rate without a ton of effort.

The books pre-sell the recipient on you. Even if your leads don’t read the books — or they just skim through them — chances are they’re going to remember your name.

Just the action of finding a place for your book in their home will make an impression. If you give someone a copy of your business card, they probably won’t even give it a second look and might even throw it out.

The books make you look like an expert. Who wouldn’t want to work with a realtor who literally wrote the book on selling a house?

Send Your Books To Your Leads.

Use the “warm calling” strategy. Send your book first and then follow up with a phone call.

We have two book packages that you can send to sellers.

  • Simple & Easy Book Package.
  • Advanced Book Package.

There are two different ways you can get the package in the seller’s hands:

  • Drop Off Package.
  • Mailed Package.

Let’s start with your different options for getting your package in the seller’s hands.

The Mailed Package. Insert your book and the package contents inside a Bubble Mailer. Once you’ve got your books packed up, go to the post office, buy stamps and mail them to your leads.

Here’s an example of the book being put into a Bubble Mailer.

Here’s an example of the book being mailed in a Bubble Mailer.

It costs about $2.85 in postage to mail the book in this Bubble Package.

Where to buy the Bubble Mailers:

The Drop Off Package.

If you want to drop your book off on the seller’s door, then put it in into a Ziploc Bag and lean it up against the front door.

Here’s an example of the book inside a Ziploc Bag left at the door:

Now that I’ve shown you how to get the package in the seller’s hands, let’s look at the different package options.

The Simple & Easy Book Package.

I’m not a big believer in complicated things. So, here’s what I do for my book package. I just print out a cover letter that explains why I am sending them the book. Then, I insert it inside the book – almost like a page saver. Then, I send that out. It’s worked very well.

This simple package enabled me to get 29 listings in 120 days.

The Advanced Book Package.

If you want to, then you can add a bunch of additional marketing material to your book packages. Some agents like to add their Marketing Plan, Testimonials, a Marketing Comparison Chart, Reference Letters, etc. They start with the Cover Letters for the simple package and then add that material to it.

Remember, this is completely optional. But, if you want to do it, then the links to all the additional marketing material is below.

Here is an example of the Advanced Book Package.

Optional Marketing Material For Your Book Package

These are additional pieces of marketing material you can add to your book package. Much of it will be applicable on a case by case scenario. Modify the documents to match what you do and the way you do business. You can insert the documents in your book package – before or after your book.

Agent Comparison Chart

Use this chart to compare what you do versus what the average agent will do to market a home. You can modify this chart in Word.

Marketing Plan

Use this sample marketing plan to illustrate what you offer and how you market homes you list. Feel free to modify this to match what you will do to market your customer’s home.

Reference Letters

Add testimonials and references from customers and colleagues to this document.

Photo Brochure

Our agents use this photo brochure when they mail or drop off a book package to leads. They print it on a hard stock 11 x 17 piece of paper folded in half. They use this to prove that they are going to advertise the home better than other agents.

What If You Don’t Have Enough Books To Send To All Of Your Leads?

In that case, before you send out your books, call the Old Expireds and ask if they want to sell. If they want to sell, then send them your book. If not, then move onto the next leads.

Use this script to call the Old Expireds and see if they want to sell.

How Joe and Ben Send Out Books

So, Joe, tell us a little bit about how you send out your books.
Joe Nickelson: With a cover letter, depending if it’s an expireds or FSBO or etc. And then just an urgent package, to get them to open it up. And then, obviously, with the book in there, it adds the bulk to it. And so it gets their attention.
Ben Curry: Joe went a lot bigger than me. I would just send out a book with just one letter. And for the old expireds you can just download this cover letter right here, modify it. Let me wait for this to open. This is a real simple thing that you just send out and you put it inside the book, almost like a place holder. Change out your name, your company name, etc., and just send out that, kind of like this where you just put it inside the book like a page saver, that’s what the word I’m looking for.

Or you can go like Joe, you can go a lot bigger, send out more stuff. He had the agent comparison chart. So again, this is just different philosophies. It depends on if you wanna send out a lot of stuff or not.

Joe, why would you send out more stuff versus me? I obviously have a different philosophy and just send out less.

Joe Nickelson: Certain things catch people’s attention. I talk to so many people and they said, “I never even read your book. I never even looked in the book. But I saw the book so I called you to list my house.” And so I thought, “Well, maybe not everybody’s even looking at the inside of the book, so maybe I’ll throw some more stuff in there.” So that’s why I started throwing some more stuff in there. And people did look at the comparison chart and say, “You know what? I saw what my other realtor did and it wasn’t 1/10 of what you’re doing.”

When I saw that, that got my attention, hit a pain point. The book was authority, and then the testimonial letters in there was proof. So I kind of hit every avenue that I could think of, but sometimes the testimonials would get people’s attention, sometimes the comparison chart, but the book always gave me the authority that I needed as, “Wow, you must know what you’re doing.”

Ben Curry: Joe’s a smart guy, so maybe that is the way to go. It’s just different philosophies. It depends on what you wanna do and what your preference is. So I wouldn’t really say there’s a right or wrong way to do it, it’s just a different way to do it. This was something Joey did that was really cool, he’d print it out in color, show them the different pictures and stuff, like the importance of pictures, how they were better. And he was really into … Joey would do amazing pictures for his listings.

So if that’s a big strong suit, maybe put this in there. All I’m saying is, in my experience, I just like to send out a lot of books and get things going, and this is my perspective, I’m not saying this is right or wrong, and maybe Joey’s perspective is better. But in my experience, I like to get books out and then be able to follow-up and get more stuff going.

But I think for Joey, his way of doing it, is a great idea as well. It just depends on how much time you wanna invest. It all depends on how many leads you got. If you only got 100 leads, or 30 leads in your area, then maybe do it Joe’s way. But if you’ve got a lot of leads, maybe you do it my way.

Here’s what to do; if you don’t have enough books for all your leads just call them up and ask if they wanna sell. Let me pull up the script. Wow. I’m pulling up all this stuff. And here’s the reason I’m pulling this stuff up on the website; I wanna get y’all … You can tell I’ve grown up in the south. I wanna get y’all used to going to our training guides and using them, because we’ve got training in how to list inherited homes. What else is on there? Inherited homes, different ways to get business from books, and stuff. So that’s why I’m showing this to you today, if you need different ideas.

We’ve come up with 35 different ways to get business from the book. And we actually just added on number 36. We had a Smart Agents customer that had a really good idea. She got a listing by offering out her book on Nextdoor.

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