Old Expired Training: These Leads are Waiting for You – Chapter 1

Old Expired Training: These Leads are Waiting for You – Chapter 1 2018-04-24T13:02:23+00:00

Here’s why 1-3 Year Old Expireds are still great leads.

Yes, I know a 3-year-old expired sounds “old.”

There are actually thousands (potentially tens of thousands) of expireds hiding right below the surface.

Here’s the advantage with old expireds.

In today’s market, Realtors are prospecting and, they’re calling FSBOs 50 times.

They’re calling the new expireds 50, 100, 200 times whenever the listing expires.

When you tap into them a little bit further down the road, not everybody puts their house back on the market right away.

People wait three months, some people wait six months, some people wait a year to clean up something or do a remodel.

When you’re calling them later on, you don’t have a hundred other agents that are calling them.

Are you missing out on the acres of diamonds in your business?

If you’re not tapping into the old expireds and some of these other obscure lead opportunities, you’re really missing out on what I consider the acres of diamonds in your marketplace.

I hear agents all time saying, “The market is so hot, it’s so hard to get listings.”

If you think like a traditional agent and you just do the same stuff everybody else does, of course the market’s gonna be so hot.

If you tap into some of these more obscure niches, you can get a lot of listings.

A house expired a year ago, and you call them up. It’s a good price, the market’s improved a little bit and they’re ready to sell. They’re not getting called by 100 other agents. It’s a pretty easy listing opportunity.

Nobody is tapping into this niche.

Here’s how I discovered my own acres of diamonds.

I was working primarily as a buyer’s agent. I didn’t like working as a buyer’s agent. I was driving buyers all over town.

Honestly, I wasn’t very good. I wasn’t good at selling them and telling them why they should work with me. I put 70,000 miles on my car the first year in the business just driving buyers all over town.

I probably could have made more money being an Uber driver or being a taxi than I did from driving buyers all over town.

I tried getting listings. There just weren’t enough leads. There weren’t very many new expireds. There weren’t many FSBOs.

I would try to make calls every day, and it just wasn’t working out very well. I was getting told no right and left. Again, it was really, really competitive.

I listed some of them, but it was still pretty challenging.

I was working with a great buyer, and they really, really wanted a house in a certain area of town. I couldn’t find them anything. They were looking on the west side of a town called Alachua, Florida. This was back when I worked in Gainesville. I couldn’t find them anything that worked for them.

Then I remembered, “You know what? I remember that one house that I showed to somebody else that would work great for this buyer.”

I’d shown the house a couple of months before, and I pulled up the address.

I discovered that house had expired a few months before. It was for sale and was a great listing, but it had expired a few months before.

I showed it to the buyer, and they didn’t like the house. But I discovered a really great opportunity.

I realized there were a lot of other forgotten expireds just like that one. In fact, in just that one MLS area, there were over 100 old expireds.

So I started contacting them in that area and all over different parts of town, and started getting listings.

These were not hard to list. I was 20 years old and wasn’t the best salesperson in the world. I listed a bunch of them because I didn’t have any competition.

If I was able to get listings at 20 years old, not being the best sales person, not having a good listing presentation, you can get a lot of listings today by tapping into this niche.

Members can get them more easily by sending out books to these leads.

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