Old Expired Training: These Leads are Waiting for You

Old Expired Training: These Leads are Waiting for You 2018-01-15T14:32:36+00:00

Here’s why 1-3 Year Old Expireds are still great leads.

Yes, I know a 3-year-old Expired sounds “old.”

There are actually thousands (potentially tens of thousands) of expireds hidden right below the surface.

Here’s the advantage with old expireds.

In today’s market, realtors are prospecting and they’re calling the FSBOs 50 times.

They’re calling the new expireds 50, 100, 200 times whenever the listing expires.

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Here’s how to find the leads.

Go into your MLS and pull up an MLS area you sell homes in. Or pull up the area that you want to work in.

Pull up the old expireds.

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Here’s The Easiest Way To Get Listings.

I’ve tested out dozens of different strategies for getting listings. And after years of testing and tweaking, here is the best strategy I have found. It’s called “Warm Calling.” Let me explain what it is.

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They’ve already “been there, done that,” you’ve got to do something different to stand out!

Why Expireds?

Expired Listings.

One of the most obvious niches of real estate, yet also one of the most despised.


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We talked about out our warm calling process a couple of chapters ago.

But like anything else, it’s up to you to use your best way of prospecting. Direct mail is a great option. But calling these old expireds isn’t a bad way to do this, if it’s one of your strengths.

When you contact a lead that already had your book, they’re familiar with you.

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Don’t make a listing appointment seem like a big deal.

You’re just asking to look at their house. You’re not asking them for money, you’re not asking them for a listing. This is just an appointment to look at their house.

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Once you’ve mailed or dropped off the package, the next step is a call or dropping by.

Hopefully, they reach out to you after reading the book.

For the ones who don’t, give them time to get your package, and then give them a ring. Remember, you’re not cold calling. You’ve sent them a package, so give them a follow-up call to make sure they got it.

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Don’t be afraid to follow up. You just need to do it right.

I listed a house with a guy owned his own business. He was as a pilot. This dude was kind of a cowboy.

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