Member Training Guide Baby Step 2 – Pick Out The Books You Want To Receive

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(Please excuse the audio quality. There are a few issues with the audio. But, we wanted to get this video sent out to you as soon as possible. We will be re-recording it soon.)

In this series, we’ll walk you through everything you need to know about ordering our books — and making them work for you.

We’ll navigate through the ordering and proofing processes and show you how to make the most of your time while you’re waiting for your books to arrive.

We’ll tell you who to give them to — and where to leave them — to get the most leads in the shortest amount of time.

So what are you waiting for? Let’s get started.

Step A: Decide Which Books You Want To Order.

One of the first questions agents ask is, “There are so many books to pick from. Which book should I order first?”

Watch the video below to see what books we recommend you order first.

Which Book Should You Start With? (2:29)


If you’d like to see the inside of the books, then go here to view them on our Membership Site. You will have to login and then you can page through the books and check them out from front to back.

Here’s what I recommend you start with.

If you’re already successfully working a niche, then start with the book for that niche. For example, if you’re already listing a lot of inherited homes, then start with the book on inherited homes.

If you’re already listing a lot of divorces, then start with the divorce book. If you’re working with a ton of buyers, then I would recommend starting with the buyer book.

If you are not already successfully working a niche, then I would recommend starting with a multipurpose book. Here’s why.

You can use a multi-purpose book with just about any home seller. You can give it to an expired, FSBO, inherited homeowner, a vacant homeowner, someone who’s behind on their property taxes, someone whose house has been scheduled for foreclosure auction, or any other type of seller lead.

There are so many different ways that you can use one of those multipurpose books. You can mix and match as much as you want.

Step B: Order Your Books.

Watch the video below to see how you can pick out your books using the Book Setup Manager.

How To Order Your Books – using the Book Setup Manager. (9:01)


If you’d like to see the inside of a book before ordering, then check them out on the membership site. (You will need to login to see them.)

We have complete preview of the inside contents of each book on that site.

Now that you’ve chosen the book or books you want to order, you’re ready to customize. You can order books in quantities of four, and each title is available in different cover designs. Choose what best fits you and the business you want to build.

Be sure to select options for each book you’ve ordered to speed the manufacturing and delivery process. Otherwise, there will be a delay in getting your order processed.

So let’s walk through the process. To access our library of books, visit the Membership Site. You can pick out the books you want to order, decide the quantity you want to order of each book, choose your covers, and then checkout.

Once you find a book that fits your needs, click Add Book. On the next page, you’ll be given a drop-down list of titles to choose from. Some titles have multiple cover designs, so be sure to select which one you want.

Choose your quantity, then click add book. You’ll be taken to your cart, where you can either submit your book selections or select more books.

At this point, you’ll only be able to select a title and cover. If you wish to read a book in its entirety, you can do so through the member site, Here, you can access training and all products available to you.

It’s harder to test your market if you order 4 copies of several different books. We’d suggest selecting one or two to focus on — for example, 20 business card books and 20 divorce books.

Once you’ve made all of your selections and submitted your book selections, you’ll begin to input your information.

This is where the books become yours.

At the top, you’ll input the phone number where you’d like to receive call and text notifications from Smart Agents, most likely your cell number. If you have a lead that comes in through a text, you’ll be notified by text at this number.

In the next space, you should put down the desired area code for the phone number that goes on the back of the book. Smart Agents will create a phone number for you as part of the book-licensing agreement.

Whenever somebody calls that phone number, the call will be automatically redirected to the phone number you put above. This protects your phone number and differentiates Smart Agent leads from other potential calls.

After that, you’ll need to specify your market area. Try to select an area that encompasses your general reach and not just a specific portion.

You’ll then include an email address that will appear on the back of the books, most likely your business email, where clients can reach you.

Now comes a major decision:

Do you want to appear as the author of your book?

We have some people who are concerned about whether they should take credit for the books. Maybe you’re not comfortable claiming the work as your own.

If that’s the case, you have the option to be listed as the book provider rather than the author — the cover would say something along the lines of “Provided by ____________.”

If you have the confidence to be featured as an author, you also have that option. The books are copyrighted through our company, and we have the legal rights to these books.

If you’re uncomfortable outright claiming the books as your own, you can say that you hired a ghostwriter or hired a team to put the book together for you. There’s always a way you can word it without stretching the truth.

We’ll discuss these options in depth later on in Step 5 – Give Away Your First Book.

People see these books, and they’re impressed.

We’ve had 30-year veterans use these books. We’ve had brand-new agents use these books. If you’re confident in your abilities, then people won’t question the origin of your book.

Next, you’ll need to specify whether you’re an agent or a broker for the back of the book. The back will read, “John Doe is a realtor at Doe Realty in Atlantic Beach,” or if you’re a broker, it would say, “Broker at Doe Realty.”

Next, you’ll choose a photo to appear on the cover of your book. Make sure the file size is large enough that it won’t appear grainy in print.

If you have a logo, you should also upload it at this time.

Include your bio. 

If you do have a bio file, you can upload it through the site, or you can include your website URL in the additional instructions box.

If you don’t have a bio, don’t sweat it. We have a great post on How to Create The Best Agent Biography For Your Books.

Special Requests. (E.G. Books for a Team.)

Do you have a special request? No problem. Contact our Support Department about the details of your request.

Include any supporting files – such as a Team Picture. You can also send individual pictures of the team members. Our setup team will try and add them onto the cover in a way that makes sense.

We can easily add 2 different team member’s pictures onto most of the book covers.

The Team Book is the most common special request. But, if you have another special request, then feel free to submit it.

You’re almost there!

Now comes the really hard part…waiting for your proofs!

But maybe focusing on the overall payoff will make it easier… just a little bit!

What’s next?

After you order your books, you’ll have to review your book proofs. We email the book proofs to you in a PDF to review. You get to see what the cover looks like before the book is printed.

To see how that works, click the next step below to get started.

Need Extra Help? Try one of these options:

Watch the New Member Webinar.

Contact our Support Department.

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