Member Guide: Open Houses – Chapter 8

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After you get open house leads, you need to have a prospecting plan for them.

Follow a solid plan.

This is what the best agents do. They know exactly when and how they will get in touch with a lead.

They know exactly how they will lead the conversation.

It’s about trust and familiarity. You build that by building your rapport with an owner.

Once you separate yourself from the agents who don’t approach them right, the listing is so much closer to being yours.

When you separate yourself, even by just touching base with them more than once or twice, they’ll start to remember you.

Having a purpose for each conversation other than asking for the listing is huge.

This is where having a fine-tuned script that you change based on each situation comes into play.

Before calling prospects back, it’s smart to make this carefully worded script that will help you identify their needs.

Once you know them and their situation, each call gets easier and easier.

You are literally calling them with an answer to a problem.

This is how to demonstrate your value.

They already have your book, so if they want to sell their home, you will be the one who’s called.

A follow up every now and then is ok, but preface it with new tips or information.

It’s going to take a little (or a long time) for those seeds to grow into full grown plants for your harvest.

You don’t plant seeds and watch them grow in a day. Use the same concept for real estate.

Don’t give up on leads or your plan.

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