Member Guide: Open Houses – Chapter 7

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Just as important as getting your books out, you need to collect as many leads as you can each open house.

You have every right as the host to require people to sign in when they come in.

Be firm about collecting the information you want and make sure it’s real. Make people show their Ids and write their names down when they come in.

Don’t let people eat or drink until you have that information.

If anyone has any type of objections, just say you need to keep the house secure and since it is completely open to the public, their needs to be a log of everyone there.

Francesca does a raffle to collect her information as well.

“I even do some raffles too. I’ll raffle off like a $25 gift card. People are excited about something even as low as that. It could be a Visa gift card or a gift card to Walmart or a giftcard to Starbucks, whatever can bring people in.”

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