Member Guide: Open Houses – Chapter 6

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Now your next step is to solidify yourself as the authority at the open house.

Bring as many books as you are comfortable giving out.

But the more books you give out the more relationships you create.

Most people viewing the open house aren’t going to sell their house for a while. There will be others who may wait even longer.

This is the about planting seeds at the open house and trying to build up your prospects.

What if someone wants a book after seeing you give them out?

This isn’t the place to skimp out.

It doesn’t matter if it is your open house or not, it’s a great opportunity to network with your books. It works with buyer or seller books.

We suggest setting the books up on a center table or anywhere that everyone is going to walk by. Then have a sign that says take one.

That’s the most common way we see our members do this.

The other option is to give them a picture or flyer of the book – and say they can meet you in your office for a copy of the book.

This works well for a few reasons.

  • The prospects that want your book will come to your office.
  • Here you can run through parts of your listing presentation and prove that all agents aren’t the same.
  • People are aren’t really interested won’t show up – and overall you flush them out quicker.
  • Your chances of success are so much higher in person with that follow-up then over the phone or email.

Here’s what to say if someone asks if you wrote the book:

Option 1: You can say that you hired a ghostwriter to write the book for you. Another agent had a great response. He said if anyone asked him if he wrote the book, then he’d reply, “I have a Ghostwriter who wrote the book for me.”

Most people are familiar with ghostwriting. They know that when a super famous person releases a book – it probably isn’t written by them. (Our two most recent Presidential Candidates both hired Ghostwriters.)

Ghostwriting is when someone is hired to write something that will be credited to another person.

It’s something that happens with countless books, speeches, songs and many other things. So with the My Books membership, you are licensing us to be your ghostwriter.

Option 2: You can say that you wrote it with a team. You hired a team to write the book for you. You provided the knowledge and input and they wrote it for you.

Option 3: You can say that you are the author and you wrote it yourself. If you are comfortable saying that, then use that response. It’s your choice.

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