Member Guide: Open Houses – Chapter 5

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If you market the open house well enough, viable leads will show up.

Technology cannot replace the feeling you get from the property when walking through. The tour is just another tool.

Here’s a great way to make it special and get the neighbors in the door. Send out letters or brochures to the neighborhood saying an open house will be on a certain day from 2 to 4 P.M.

Tell them in the letter that people who live in the area have a special showing and catered lunch at 1 P.M.

You want to make the open house as much as an event as you can.

Francesca, who I mentioned in the last chapter, was a new realtor but used open houses to pull in leads.

“After that, I go and I make sure that I’ve put up signs in the front yard saying when I’m going to have the open house, and I try to do it as early as Wednesday if it’s going to be for Saturday or Sunday,” she said, “What I also do is I print up flyers that have the house address on it with some pictures of the house, a few details on it, a description such as the square footage, the year that it was built, what amenities it has, if it has any upgrades done to it. I go around to a minimum of 100 doors that same Wednesday or Thursday and I knock on all the neighbors’ doors that are in the area that the house is going to be open and I just introduce myself.”

She tells them that she’s hosting the open house and offers them food. But she doesn’t stop there.

All this got her five listings from her open house promotions.

Francesca hosts raffles to add more encouragement for neighbors to come.

“I even do some raffles too. I’ll raffle off like a $25 gift card. People are excited about something even as low as that. It could be a Visa gift card or a gift card to Walmart or a giftcard to Starbucks, whatever can bring people in.”

Don’t settle for a traditional open house. It won’t do much anymore. Brand yourself as the area’s expert and meet and make friends with the neighbors. Most people will come out for a free lunch.

Even more people will come out for raffles or giveaways.

High-quality photos are the best way to stand out in these ads.

A short video can go beyond your pictures and really tell prospective buyers why they should visit your open house, but just walking through your home with the camera recording may not be enough.

Advertise on street signs, billboards, and social media. Send it out to your email list.

Facebook ads are big in these situations with first-time home buyers. Hand out flyers at a local event or hand them out where you can. Be sure they all mention the free food.

Using Facebook or Instagram is a great way to promote the open house.

Walk through tours show enough of the home to get interested buyers inside. They can gain interest for it but need to see the real thing in person.

Video continues to be more important than ever. 73 percent homeowners are more likely to list with an agent who does video marketing.

Videos have taken over Facebook. They take up most newsfeeds. So showing the open house prep and doing a walkthrough will work.

Host a Streaming Open House First

A great benefit of this is targeting people likely to move into your area. They would be able to see the house in real-time, something a virtual tour would offer but it would feel more like a showing for them.

Because of Facebook’s giant demographics, you can target, it will let you reach a broader audience than posting it on Youtube.

After the recording is done, it will then be on your Facebook page and timeline.

You can use this as added promotion to give your listings more visibility. People who visit your Facebook page will then be able to view these at any point.

We suggest holding this Facebook Live the day before or hours before the scheduled full open house. It can give anyone planning on coming to the open house a sneak peak. Position it as an exclusive look into the home to drum up attention and pull viewers in.

People get excited about any bit of information they think is special or exclusive. Start outside and work your way through the home.

Make sure the curb appeal is great and the home is staged.

Hopefully, your client is easy to work with. If not, you may have to convince them to do some stuff.

Just show them statistics on curb appeal and home staging. They will be convinced then.

Simple things like adding landscape lighting or a plant in certain areas make a big difference.

If you really wanted to, you could take it one step further and make it a full-on barbecue.

If you provide food, dessert, and beverages (even beer), people will show up.

Mention local schools, shopping and other interesting facts on the flyer or brochure you pass out.

This just takes another step in making yourself that expert in the area.

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