Member Guide: Open Houses – Chapter 2

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Open houses are one of the best ways to market yourself and the books.

Here’s how three members used open houses to get listings.

Jerry and his team have countless listings from handing the books out.

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How they did it:

Jerry and his team don’t give them the book right there at the open house.

“No, we don’t give them a book at the open house. They have to come into the office, so remember our market here is ethnic.

At an open house they may be on a normal day maybe 50 parties that come in. You don’t have time to build relationships with them. So what we try to do is create something of value and say, you know, have you thought about this?

This is something that we have. And they’ll say, oh, hey, that’s a good idea. And we’ll say, when would be a good time when we can get together because obviously at the open house we don’t have time to go over all the ins and out.

So we create a compelling reason why they have to come to the office.”

They go to the office just to get the book and leave in many cases.

“So they will come in. Once they come in, now we have the opportunity to win them over. And this is where one of the tools is the book.

The first meeting, when they come in, their intention is to just come in for 15 minutes, listen to the BS we have and just give me the stuff I want and they’re gonna get it.
But once we get them in, you know, we start talking about the process of buying a home. And then here’s a book that will help you. And pretty soon they start asking questions, and that’s when you win them over.”

The team’s goal is to get the lead to say, “I’m glad I met them,” when they leave.

Jerry and his team won over 20 listings like this.

Tim gives out a book per every four people at his open houses.

Read the full case study here.

How he did it:

“I do a lot of open houses, and I always have both my buyer and seller books out on the table with a sign that says “Take One.” And inevitably every open house, if I get 20 people through I’m probably giving away four or five books.”

Naturally, he gets calls from most of the people that take his books. We’ve featured him three times on the website for months he’s had.

“I mean, it’s great to have the book, but unless you’re pumping them to the public … And that’s why I bought so many books at one time. I think I bought about 1,300 books, because I don’t want to feel like I have to make a decision on whether or not I want to hand the book out because I only have 20 copies of one book. I’ll get three or four hundred copies of one book, so there’s no discussion in the head, it’s like “Here. Here’s the book.”

Francesca collected leads at open houses and it led to five listings from it.

How she did it: She was a brand new agent, but took extra steps to bring people for the open houses.

They weren’t her open houses. She was hosting them for other agents listings. This was the key. It allowed her to get her name and face out there. She recorded contact information for as much people as she could.

She reached back out to these leads and got five listings from it.

“After that, I go and I make sure that I’ve put up signs in the front yard saying when I’m going to have the open house, and I try to do it as early as Wednesday if it’s going to be for Saturday or Sunday,” she said, “What I also do is I print up flyers that have the house address on it with some pictures of the house, a few details on it, a description such as the square footage, the year that it was built, what amenities it has, if it has any upgrades done to it. I go around to a minimum of 100 doors that same Wednesday or Thursday and I knock on all the neighbors’ doors that are in the area that the house is going to be open and I just introduce myself.”

“I reached out to every agent that was in my home office, wanting to see if they had any listings if they needed an open house for, and I just started booking my calendar that way. I was doing open houses during the week. I was doing open houses every weekend, a minimum of three to four every week. I was starting to bring in a lot of referrals that way and a lot of business was coming to me and growing my pipeline even more.”

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