Member Guide: Open Houses – Chapter 1

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Open houses are a big opportunity for marketing.

Not only do you market your listing, you market yourself as an agent.

Meeting other agents, neighbors or anyone interested in buying and selling is worth the effort alone. In a 2016 survey, ran, 60.7 percent of agents sold a home as a result of a connection from an open house.

You can get referrals from an open house.

A little over half the sellers list with the first agent they meet. Buyers and sellers without an agent yet, are leads that walk right into the doors.

In order to get these leads and people’s attention and information, make the open house an event.

You need to prepare to host a giant open house, so more potential leads could come in.

Because of the rise in virtual tours, Facebook live tours and even 3d tours it may seem harder to get attention for an open house. That’s why you need to make it an event and make it stand out from anything else online.

There are a lot ways online to promote your house and get people into the event. Live streaming is huge in real estate right now.

Plus, people want to touch, smell and feel the house.

This is the perfect place to hand out your books.

Someone going to an open house you are hosting will always want a book from you.

You know that most of these leads won’t end up interested in this exact home, so now they’re set up to bring your book out with them.

When they need to sell or even find a home they like, you’re going to be the expert they think of. They have a book with your face on it.

Warm leads at an open house are better than cold leads from the internet.

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