Member Guide: Open Houses

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Open houses are a big opportunity for marketing.

Not only do you market your listing, you market yourself as an agent.

Meeting other agents, neighbors or anyone interested in buying and selling is worth the effort alone. In a 2016 survey, ran, 60.7 percent of agents sold a home as a result of a connection from an open house.

You can get referrals from an open house.

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Open houses are one of the best ways to market yourself and the books.

Here’s how three members used open houses to get listings.

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How The Process Works To Order Your Books.

First, let me explain the book ordering process. I broke it down into 3 short steps so it would be easy to understand.

Here are the 3 steps you will go thru to order books and get them in your hands.

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Now it’s time for our team of experts to get to work customizing your books.

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If you market the open house well enough, viable leads will show up.

Technology cannot replace the feeling you get from the property when walking through. The tour is just another tool.

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Now your next step is to solidify yourself as the authority at the open house.

Bring as many books as you are comfortable giving out.

But the more books you give out the more relationships you create.

Most people viewing the open house aren’t going to sell their house for a while. There will be others who may wait even longer.

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Just as important as getting your books out, you need to collect as many leads as you can each open house.

You have every right as the host to require people to sign in when they come in.

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After you get open house leads, you need to have a prospecting plan for them.

Follow a solid plan.

This is what the best agents do. They know exactly when and how they will get in touch with a lead.

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