How To List 4 Homes In The Next 30 Days – Chapter 4

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Books, Books, and more Books!

To really work smart, you absolutely, unequivocally need to get your hands on these books…

They are the perfect launch point for all your real estate marketing efforts.

Why Should I Get The Books?

They lend you credibility, vouch for your experience, demonstrate your knowledge, and firmly establish you as a premier agent in your area.

You’ll discover one of the biggest benefits of sending the book in the next step: Follow-Up.

Calling your leads can be a monumental task — why not let the book do half the work for you?

When a lead has received your book, he will have the sense that he already “knows you” when you reach out.

That means no more dreaded “cold-calling”…

It’s actually “warm-calling,” and it’s just one of the many benefits of sending the book.

When people are “familiar” with you, they’re much more likely to spend time listening to what you have to say when you call or stop by.  

As a matter of fact, on many occasions, I’ve had sellers say they were actually “waiting for my call,” since receiving my book…

That receptiveness is a huge advantage…

And it’s just one of many that make sending the books a smart decision!

Step two is getting your books delivered to your list of 40 old expireds…

What if I don’t have enough books to send?

When you have a limited amount of books, it’s best to call your leads and inquire about their interest in re-listing their home. If they’re receptive, then it’s worth it to send out your book.

If the phone call reveals the owner doesn’t want to sell, then you just move down the list, reserving copies of your book to send to the more promising leads.

Use this script to call the old expireds and see if they want to sell.

We have two book packages that you can send to sellers.

  • Simple & Easy Book Package.
  • Advanced Book Package.

There are two different ways you can get the package in the seller’s hands:

  • Drop Off Package.
  • Mailed Package.

Let’s start with the different options for getting your package in the seller’s hands.

The Mailed Package.

Super simple: Just insert your book and the package contents into a Bubble Mailer marked with your lead’s address.

Once you’ve got them all addressed and packed up, go to the post office, buy some stamps and mail them out.

Here’s an example of the book being put into a Bubble Mailer.

Here’s an example of the book being mailed in a Bubble Mailer.

It costs about $2.85 in postage to mail the book in this Bubble Package.

Where to buy the Bubble Mailers:

The Drop-Off Package.

You can also drop your book off directly at the seller’s home. You’ll want to put it into a Ziploc Bag to keep it dry, and then, just lean it up against the front door.

Here’s an example of the book inside a Ziploc Bag left at the door:

Now that I’ve shown you how to get the package in the seller’s hands, let’s take a look at what’s inside!

The Simple & Easy Book Package.

I’m not a big believer in complicated things. So, for my book package, I just print out a cover letter that explains why I’m sending the book. I insert that inside the book — almost like a page saver — and that’s all I include. Then, I mail it out or drop it off. It’s been very effective. As a matter of fact…

This simple package enabled me to get 29 listings in 120 days!

Here are some cover letters you can use:

The Advanced Book Package.

You can include additional marketing material in your book packages if you’d like. Some agents add their Marketing Plan, Testimonials, a Marketing Comparison Chart, Reference Letters, etc., along with their cover letters.

Remember, this is completely optional. Your chances of successfully getting the listing may increase with the extra info, or it may be unnecessary.

Whether or not you add material beyond your cover letter is a choice that is entirely up to you.  

If you would like to build an “advanced book package,” the links to all of the additional marketing materials can be found below.

Here is an example of the Advanced Book Package:

Optional Marketing Material For Your Book Package

Much of this material will be applicable on a case-by-case basis.

You can modify each of these documents in Word to reflect what you do personally, and to fit your individual business style.

Agent Comparison Chart

Use this chart to compare what you do to market a home, versus what kind of service the average agent typically provides.

Marketing Plan

Use this sample marketing plan to illustrate what you offer, and how you market the homes you list. You can modify this to reflect individual homes, giving the seller an in depth look at your exact plan of action.

As you probably know, the market is really good right now. This means in most cases, your seller will be able to get the price they want.

Since pricing is often one of the biggest hurdles to getting the listing, including a marketing plan is a great way to show sellers that you’ve done your homework, especially when you can demonstrate you’ve got figures computed and strategies ready to go!

Reference Letters

Use this template to add testimonials and references from customers and colleagues.

Photo Brochure

The photo brochure can be printed on 11×17 card stock, then folded in half. It’s a useful marketing tool, providing sellers with a preview of how you’re going to advertise their home. It’s also visible proof that you bring effective selling tactics to the table.

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