How To List 4 Homes In The Next 30 Days – Chapter 2

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Let’s check out an overview of the plan. Then, I’ll take each step individually and break it down for you in the following chapters.

Step #1. Pull 40 old expireds leads from your MLS

You’ll likely have to pull more than 40 addresses to get 40 solid leads.

You’ll find that many Old Expireds have already been re-listed, or sold, but we’ve found that about 20-30% are interested in selling their house.

That means 8 to 12 of those sellers will be ready to put their home back on the market when you contact them.

Once you have your list, you’ll need to research the owners’ names, mailing addresses, and phone number(s). In the next chapter, we’ll show you where to look for that information, and which resources you can use to make finding it even easier.

Step #2. Sending your book

You can mail it, drop it at their door, or give it to them in person if they’re home.

You’ll want to include an introduction letter.

There are several options — pamphlets, marketing materials, etc. — that you can add as well.

The bottom line is: You need to get your book in their hands.

In chapter four, I’m going to explain why the book is so essential to your marketing.

I’ve also included several examples of how you can present your book in a professional package, and what you should include to inspire confidence in your expert services/abilities.

Step #3. Follow up

Once you’ve sent your books out, it’s time for the follow-up phase.

This can easily be the most uncomfortable part of marketing — especially for new agents — and unfortunately, it’s often left undone or incomplete.

In chapter five, I’m going to share an exact script for you to follow when you contact your leads after they’ve received your book. You’ll learn what to say to inspire confidence in your skills, how to handle common concerns, and what to do in the face of rejection.

Let’s begin!

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