How To Find Divorce Leads

A few market forces have combined to make divorces a great source of listings:

First, the divorce rate has shot up with the economy. A lot of people wanted to get divorced during the recession. But, they couldn’t afford to do it. They didn’t have the money for a lawyer. Or, they didn’t have enough equity to sell their home. Millions of people chose to separate rather than divorce.

Second, the housing market has improved. People who didn’t have the equity to sell their home previously can sell it and even make a profit.

An area with a population of 50,000 people will have about 108 divorces list their home each year. There is very little competition for this niche and you could list a lot of houses.

In my marketplace (Jacksonville, Florida), about 2,300 divorces list their home each year. And none of the other agents in my market focus on this niche.

So how do you get these listings?

1. Find the addresses

2. Mail them a letter but don’t mention divorce

Here is the quickest and easiest way to access hundreds of divorce leads in your area.The best way to find the addresses is to go to your county’s Clerk of Court website and individually pull each of them up. Just search “your county” Clerk of Court on Google and find the list from there.

First, you need to find out who is getting divorced. The easiest way to do that is on your local courthouse website. See an example below.

To find this info, just Google “Duval County Courthouse.” (Change “Duval” to your County’s Name.)

Now, cross reference those names with the County’s Property Database to see if they own a house. See my example below.

You can find the county Property website by Googling “Duval County Property Appraiser.” (Change “Duval” to your County’s Name.) Sometimes it is called the Tax Assessor instead of Property Appraiser.

Now that you have your divorce leads, you need to figure out the best way to list them.

It will take some time to get each of them, but you have to put in the extra work. Getting into a goldmine of listings like this is more than worth the extra work that you need to put in.

Remember, 61 percent of the leads you get there are going to end up listing their home. So if you pull 20 of them, 12 of the families will be listing their homes. That’s why it’s so important to get to them first and early in the process.

That’s going to set yourself up to be the first person they call when they are ready to list their house.

From the Clerks of Court website you have to cross reference the names there with names with the County’s Property Appraisal site to see if their names are on both list. Sometimes it is called the Tax Assessor instead of Property Appraiser.

Next mail them a letter.

This is similar to the other niches we hit with these specific letters. But DO NOT mention anything about getting a divorce in it.

Just asked if they are interested in selling, or if they have any questions about anything at all pertaining to their home, the market or anything involving real estate.

If you set up and lead them to a squeeze page that will alert you when they request a free home value, you’ll get an email immediately (Members get all of this and pre-wrote letters as well).

Why’s it so important to get an automated text immediately so you can follow up fast? Because studies show that following up within 5 minutes of receiving a lead increases your chances of converting by 90 percent.

And then each 5 minutes you wait, the more your chance decreases. If you can’t call them have someone or a secretary call them and set up another appointment to meet them.

This is another BIG niche, but it’s more than that at the same time.

It’s a chance to earn the goodwill of two people who are going to immediately be in the market for a new home. But most importantly it’s a chance to save them from a rough situation.

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