You are a sales person. So let it show in fun ways. Putting together a creative or funny video with you or your firm is an outside the box way to gain attention.

Here are two good examples.

Real estate is all about being human and spending lots of time with customers one-on-one, so show them you’re someone they would enjoy working closely with.

They need to be really creative. Creativity is respected in just about every social circle and can do a fantastic job at getting viewers more interested in you. Keep it pretty short. One of the reasons that they can spread so quickly is people can watch them quickly.

The most important thing to do is to make it memorable. When you accomplish this then you can stick in someone’s mind, then when you talk to them, they will remember. These two videos we are using as examples do all of these things.

Your videos don’t need to be as good as these and probably won’t get as many hits as they did, but having a fun and short clip on your pages like this will get seen by anyone who interacts with your profiles or websites.

This video is a little different because it is showcasing a listing. It may not go as viral as a funny skit, but it’s going to stand out so much more than any other normal walk-through video.

Remember to use SEO with your hashtags, keywords and descriptions. Use geo-targeted that are relevant to the location to include city, state, zip code and even neighborhood and community name (this is even more important for the listing showcases). Also, craft your video around your target audience by using the proper language, content and humor.

Don’t over-expose your company or your brand either. Maybe a watermark or a couple of references, but it will turn off viewers if you talk about it too much.

This is something you should have fun with and it is a great opportunity to expand your audience and get views.